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Platos republic the socratic method.

public. Each of the three persons who introduced a definition of justice- in the order of Cephalus, Polemarchus, and Thrasymacus-had a definition that was more comprehensive than the last. The process ... e flaws in Cephalus's definition of justice, the first one presented. A refined version of justice (Polemarchus's definition) that metaphorically patches the holes in the prior definition of justice, ...

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Simonodes (via Polemarchus) argues in the first book of "The Republic" that justice is paying back what is due. Defend or argue against this position.

g a matter of knowledge; being aware of the good creates an implication to do good. Others, such as Polemarchus view justice as a system that allows for people to 'pay back' those who have done wrong ... egrates into a community in which people are simply out to get one another. This paper will outline Polemarchus' view on justice and contrast them with the opposing views upheld by various philosopher ...

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Justice Alone isn't sufficient enough to live life morally

Socrates and Polemarchus argue the idea of Dikaisune in the beginning of Plato's book, The Republic. Dikaisune tr ... ith courage, self-control, and wisdom, which are proposed as being sufficient to live a moral life. Polemarchus considers justice to be the only virtue necessary to live a moral life. Polemarchus adap ... sune is sufficient to live a moral life. Socrates disagrees if only for the sake of argument. While Polemarchus might have had a great idea by thinking that the idea of Dikaisune is enough to live mor ...

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Plato's Republic

justice and to clear the air for a new theory. Socrates engages in a discussion with Thrasymachus, Polemarchus and Cephalus in which they discuss the true nature of justice. From the discussions, you ... es proves his point and Celaphus' definition of justice is proven to be weak and inadequate. Polemarchus' view of judgment is to render to each his due. Furthermore he feels that justice benefi ...

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Philosophical stories

hat of both the teachers and the students.In a dialogue from Republic, Book I, between Socrates and Polemarchus, Socrates states that one cannot do good to the just and harm to the unjust since this w ...

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Analysis of Republic Book I

elf doesn't offer any definitions, instead he destructs others definitions, specifically Cephalus', Polemarchus' and Thrasymachus'.The conversation begins with discussing the lives of the elderly and ... does everything he can do be the best version of himself which is a just person.As Cephalus leaves, Polemarchus takes over the argument by laying out a new definition: "justice means that you owe your ...

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