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India in the Post-Colonial Era

During the post World War II period, many one-time colonies achieved political independence. However, these newborn nations were still dependent on powerful allies to su ... n is dependent on its ally's support, it can be manipulated into undesirable decisions.India gained political independence from Britain, but it had to deal with internal chaos, as well as rely on the ... ight for independence was one of the most difficult ever faced by a nation. However, India achieved political independence from Britain, only to require support from the Soviet Union. India was unable ...

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Does the International Constitutional Legal System Provide for Adequate Means to Address Competing Claims to Self-Determination?

ch considers itself to have a separate and distinct identity, to govern itself and to determine the political and legal status of the territory it occupies.' Implicit in both the US Declaration of Ind ... ation of the Rights of Man (1789) was the notion that 'peoples' have a right to determine their own political destiny. It was however only at the end of the First World War, and as a result of the imp ...

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An analysis of seemingly imperialistic behavior by the United States in Latin America (late 1800's); was the US guided by economic or political incentive to intervene?

Diaz feared "that North American domination of investment in Mexico threatened Mexican economic and political independence" (Keen 270) and favored British interests of American ones, he clearly tried ...

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Mongol Yoke in Russia

om to the extent other European countries experienced.Even today, we can still measure the negative political, economic, and cultural effects of the Mongol invasion. First, Mongol rule brought with it ... rule brought with it initial destruction, the imposition of heavy financial burdens and the loss of political independence. Economic development was strongly damaged by constant demand of money in ord ...

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Is Australia Independent?

However Australia, through a gradual process, and after almost 100 years, has gained legal but not political independence. As long as there is a monarch of the UK, and of Australia and its states, th ... independence that failed to win the public in 1999. This step is said to be the only way to achieve political independence of Australia, and with its failure stops Australia short of reaching complete ...

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How did Lenin and Robespierre's views on revolutionary leadership differ?

different ways. Lenin was concerned with creating an organization and strategy that would show the political independence of the working class. He would have not cared what country he was doing it ju ...

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Account for the sucesses and failures of the league of nations

n of nations should be formed on the basis of covenants designed to create mutual guarantees of the political independence and territorial integrity of States, large and small equally."1As a consequen ...

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. The parties will consult together whenever, in opinion of any of them, the territorial integrity, political independence or security of any of the parties is threatened.Article 5: The parties agree ... g Group.The North Atlantic Council: The North Atlantic Council enjoys wide powers in respect of the political, economic, and defense matters of Europe. The foreign ministers and defense ministers of t ...

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Ben Franklin's Autobiography

ghteenth century, I saw the rise of the American people from impoverished submissive individuals to political independence with a great future.On the seventeenth of January, 1706 I was born the son of ... ity was well received in London. In addition to my being a successful businessman I am drawn into a political carrier as I have the power to influence events. I believe that people joining together ca ...

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What would you rather be a Loyalist or a Patriot? Why?

knew how to take advantage of them as well. The Patriots were mainly fighting in the Revolution for political independence, cultural integrity, and for the protection of their land and property. They ...

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The Federation Illusion

not achieved full independence upon federation in 1901 and is still, in many ways, a colony that is politically and legally in immediate control of the United Kingdom. This paper highlights Australia' ... al status while also explaining key factors that still exist tying Australia to Britain's legal and political systems. This argumentative essay mainly focuses on the period after federation. It will a ...

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Should richer countries help poorer countries?

cher nations should offer help, such that poorer nations can make use of it to achieve economic and political independence, to carve out a better future for themselves. Help should be rendered for dev ... s. Rich countries have to understand that each country is unique in its needs and aspirations, thus political systems and economic policies that have enabled their affluence may not be suited to the c ...

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Armenian Genocide

ar I” 2).The Armenian people who had been converted to Christianity in the 4th Century enjoyed political independence (“The … Massacre” 2). The Treaty of San Stefano brought an end ... ficial starting point of the massacres that would begin the Armenian Genocide. The intellectual and political leaders of the Armenian people were seized by authorities and executed (“Armenian Gen ...

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Mohan Rakesh, Modernism, And The Postcolonial Present

nguage. As a member of the first generation of Indian-language writers whose careers unfolded after political independence in 1947, Rakesh exemplifies many of the larger literary, political, and cultu ... s of geography, language, and cultural codes, it is proximate enough in theoretical, aesthetic, and political terms to constitute an important formation within geomodernism.1. Geomodernism and the Ind ...

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The U.S led invasion of Iraq was not legally justified.

2(4) of the UN Charter which states that no nation can intervene with the territorial integrity or political independence of any other state. Article 39 was also breached; as it required the measures ... n their international relations from the threat oruse of force against the territorial integrity or politicalindependence of any state . . ." 3 The Charter was signed byPresident Truman and, with the ...

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