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because the maximum number of electrons are in the outer shellRare Earth Elements:Man made. Group 3Polyatomic Ions:Polyatomic means many atoms and refers to ionic compounds with more than two element ... the anion) is a charged molecular compound that will bond with another charged element to produce a polyatomic ionYou can identify polyatomic ions in two ways:The formula has more than two compoudndsT ...

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I really enjoyed being in honors chemistry.

nucleus found within them. The chapter that I disliked the most would probably be the naming of the polyatomic ions. Most probably because I never really came to fully understand how do to that, which ...

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Titration Lab

Fe2+ ferrous Cr2+ chromium (II)H+ Fe3+ ferric Cr3+ chromium (III)Mn2+ manganese(II) Ni2+ nickel (II)Polyatomic Ions:NH4+ ammoniumNegatiave Ions:In Binary Compounds:H- hydride O2- oxide N3- nitrideF- f ... ydride O2- oxide N3- nitrideF- fluoride S2- sulfideI- iodide O22- peroxideCl- chlorideBr- bromideIn Polyatomic Ions:C2H3O2 acetate SO42- sulfate S2O32- thiosulfateCO32- carbonate SO32- sulfite CrO42- ...

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