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Detection of biological molecules. Lab work.

y strong, thus, are present in monomers, the building blocksof life. These monomers combine to make polymers, which is a long chain of monomersstrung together. Biological molecules can be distinguishe ...

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Determination of an unknown amino acid from a titration curve

c acid, hydrochloride.IntroductionAmino acids are simple monomers which are strung together to form polymers (also called proteins).These monomers are characterized by the general structure shown in f ...

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Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)

ly the study of the genes, which are the molecules that pass genetic information along in chains of polymers of DNA. The four building blocks of DNA are guanine (G), adenine (A), thymine (T), and cyto ... ire genome. The enzyme first unwinds (denatures) the DNA double helix into single strands. Then RNA polymers synthesize a short stretch of RNA complementary to one of the DNA strands at the start site ...

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Discuss How Glycogen is synthesised Angelina Lorenos

DISCUSS HOW GLYCOGEN IS SYNTHESISEDGENERAL STRUCTURE INFORMATIONGlycogen comprises polymers of glucose, linked by á 1-4 glycosidic bonds. The branch points are linked by &aacut ... action is exergonic, with a ÄG0 value of approximately -13.4 kJ mol-1.PRIMER FORMATIONGlycogen polymers begin as primers, which are then extended to form long chains. The primers are formed as fo ... rsion predominates in resting muscle. It catalyses the addition of glucose residues to the glycogen polymers, independent to the concentration of glucose-6-phosphate.

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Testing for Biomolecules

and hair. The main component of hair is keratin, an agglomeration of proteins which are themselves polymers built from amino acids. Amino acids are some of the most important building blocks used in ... ransmittersCarbohydrates, SugarsDisaccharidesMonomers:Amino acidsNucleotidesPhosphateMonosaccharidesPolymers:Peptide, Oligopeptide, Polypeptide, ProteinNucleic acid, i.e. DNA, RNAOligosaccharide, Poly ...

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A report on paints and their chemicals

that dries to form an opaque solid film.Paint is made up of a complex mixture of chemicals, mainly polymers that each provide a specific function to allow the paint to work. These are placed in three ... also provides integrity and strength to the dry paint film. It consists of high molecular weighted polymers, generally co-polymers that contain two or more monomers. These include methyl methacrylate ...

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Enzyme Investigation.

Planning.Introduction: An Enzyme is any one of many specialised organic substances, composed of polymers of amino acids, that act as catalysts to regulate the speed of the many chemical reactions ...

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DNA, nucleotides, chromosomes, nitrogen bases and genes: Structures/Funtions of each.

able genetic information is stored. DNA is a type of nucleic acid and is made up of nucleotides and polymers.Structure: The structure of this double helix DNA is two strands of nucleotide wound around ... ual hereditary characteristics.NucleotideA Nucleotide is a monomer (building block) of nucleic acid polymers. Only 4 types of nucleotides can make up DNA.Structure: Each nucleotide has three parts; a ...

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The Plastics Industry

lable and tend to be cheaper than other raw materials. The second step is synthesising of the basic polymers that have been created from the monomers. This can be obtained through addition or condensa ...

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Information on the biopolymer poly-hydroxybutanoate (PHB)

by which the biopolymer is produced naming any biological and chemical agents used to produce it.Biopolymers are naturally occurring polymers. One example is poly-hydroxybutanoate (PHB). PHB can be pr ...

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Plastic - A Boon or A Bane

ucts that can be molded or extruded into objects or films or fibers. They consist of long chains of polymers. Their name is derived from the fact that in their semi-liquid state they are malleable, or ...

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Unknown Polymer Identification

ce a machine part. The main experimental procedure is to compare the unknown polymer with the known polymers available in the organization and thus conclude which unknown matches the most with the giv ...

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Chromosomal Chaos and Cancer

s found that nonmutagenic carcinogens can cause aneuploidy. Those chemicals destroy the microtubule polymers that separate the chromosomes during the mitosis. From the other hand, some genetic syndrom ... ell can be deadly. I have learned about carcinogens which are chemicals that damage the microtubule polymers. Radiation as a mutagenic carcinogen breaks the DNA strand which is direct violation of chr ...

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Past, Present, and Future of Chemical Engineering

me such a vital part of chemistry. Many synthetic fibers such as nylon and man-made rubber are also polymers. The extent to which these polymers affect our lives is amazing. From the toothbrush we cle ...

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Scientific Review of A Journal Related To The Discovery of Arsenic-based Dna In A Particular Strain of Bacteria, Published In December 2010

As a matter of fact it is realised that there exist vacuoles within the organism which may contain polymers, used in stabilising the arsenic DNA (Wolfe-Simon, et al,. 2010). This is one case in point ...

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