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caused Americans to step back and take a look at what patriotism really means. Also, Americans now ponder what it will take to protect our rights as United States citizens. The terrorist attacks have ...

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Existence of God. A look at Rene Descartes' theory

evers and non-believers, Descartes would be one of the believers. Before we go any further, we must ponder upon several questions. What is God? Does God exist? If such God does exist, then where does ... a loop of circular reasoning by assuming as true the very point that he is trying to prove? Let us ponder upon what Descartes has said before for the sake of argument. In 'Meditation Four,' he clearl ...

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Book Report on novel "Uh-Oh" by Robert Fulghum

ly Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten and It Was On Fire When I Lay Down On It. Some people may ponder the author's decision on the title, but it is explained quite thoroughly in the book. At any ...

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Nature vs. Nuture

f these two scenarios? If so, which side to they lean closer to? You might be wondering why I would ponder such a thing about an individual such as yourself, but there is actually logic to what I am q ...

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Opposing the Death Penalty

Opposing The Death PenaltyTaking this course has made me ponder on many issues which I never deemed worthy of my thoughts. I always considered the death pena ... capital punishment. I was of the mind that if someone killed me, I would like my death avenged, but pondering on the issue of cultural differences has made me doubt my prior convictions. First of all, ...

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Scientfic Advancements due to Relativity

the Swiss Patent Office. With the ample and serene conditions at the Patent Office, Einstein could ponder on his theories and thoughts (Motz and Weaver 243-7). At the Patent Office, he discovered the ...

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Sleep and its Disorders.

e a basic understand of the ins and outs of sleep itself. Questions that run through our mind as we ponder the subject of sleep; What does the mind do while engaging in such an activity? Why do we sle ...

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Shakespeare's sonnets 4 and 64.

nd Sonnet 64, are two such sonnets. Mr. Shakespeare, in Sonnet 4 and Sonnet 64, implores the reader ponder the obligation of a person to interact with society versus the risk of disappointment and sad ... r future generations. The question "What acceptable audit canst thou leave?" is asking the woman to ponder the impact her behavior has on future generations. The couplet of the sonnet, "Thy unus'd bea ...

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This essay is about Rave Culture and the major Catagories/types of individuals that fit into the complex puzzles of "ravers"

ey attract so much attention to themselves? Do they know how stupid they look?" Lastly, I sometimes ponder, "Why God? Why?" These are a few questions that were going to be answered in a recent essay t ...

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Firmly rooted to Agnosticism.

Firmly rooted to Agnosticism, I often ponder the meaning of a "proper" spiritual existence. I ask myself how one should act, what to say, ...

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The meanings of life as suggested by Vonnegut in the "Sirens of Titan".

there a god or multiple gods controlling us for some greater plan? The human race will most likely ponder this question for the remainder of (human) life on earth, but to help us out, Kurt Vonnegut h ...

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The Value of a College Education.

ce of ignorance. You pay for ignorance everyday for the rest of your life." ~AnonymousParents often ponder the real value of a college education as college costs continue to grow and rates exceed infl ...

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The Cost of liberty is less than the price of repression.

f the war. As anger rose up in me, the only way I could pacify myself was to pause for a moment and ponder the "big picture" of the situation. My inconvenience of sitting in rush-hour traffic a little ...

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Should curfews be lifted in college hostels?

ver, before we hear whoops of joy and cheers throughout the region (if this rule be passed), let us ponder but a few seconds on the actual impact of this seemingly magnanimous decision. Let us think a ...

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This is a research paper on the history of Marijuana.

he United States and how this plant has evolved over the years. An interesting fact that one should ponder is that ?in 1762 Virginia imposed penalties on those who did not produce it [marijuana]? (Slo ...

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"Things Fall Apart" by Chinua Achebe. Informal writing assignment relating an American superstition to the superstitions of the Ibo people.

very seriously. They would not regard their beliefs as superstitions. However, of the children who ponder the idea of Bloody Mary, I am guessing (and remembering) that only a few hold it in absolute ...

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Why and under what conditions are people more likely to buy brand names rather than their generic counterparts?

, catching the news on CNN, driving to Texaco to fill up your Ford while listening to Kiss 100. You ponder changing to diet Pepsi like Madonna. You arrive at work and curse Microsoft for the blue scre ...

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The Thin Red Line compared to World War II (tutor's comment: i like that you see the comparison and soldiers do have dreams of something other than the hell they face.)

ncentrates on comparing the beauty of nature to the brutality of war. The soldiers in the C-Company ponder such deep questions as, "Where does this evil come from?" and, "Why is love so perishable?"On ... soldier because he had never killed a man before. Several soldiers stare at the sky while they die, pondering the many questions of life to which there are no answers.The first scene of the movie show ...

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Focuses on the literary elements of Maya Angelou's "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings". Entitled: "The Melody of Maya".

nt of the mood which contrasts sorrow with optimism. The listener is forced to take a step back and ponder...what was this profound melody?The best authors strive to adopt a style all of their own, an ...

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ad William Shakespeare's famous, "The Tragedy of Othello, the Moor of Venice", you to would know or ponder the flaw that killed Othello. Is it greed?, love?, jealousy?, trust?, honor?, pride?, reputat ...

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