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"The Outsiders" by S.E Hinton, the theme, human nature

ry line.The fictional novel is set in a moderate-size city, possibly near Texas, in the late 1960's.Ponyboy, the main character, lives with his brothers as a greaser. One day Ponyboy and Johnny,Ponybo ... ay Ponyboy and Johnny,Ponyboy's best friend, get jumped by a group of Socs. The Socs start to drown Ponyboy in a fountain.Johnny, realizing they might kill Ponyboy, kills Bob, one of the Socs with his ...

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A comprehensive novel anlysis of "The Outsiders" by S.E. Hinton.

ount of incidents that take place over a few weeks.The narrator and protagonist of The Outsiders is Ponyboy Curtis, a fourteen-year-old boy. He has greenish gray eyes and long, light brown hair. Since ... of teenagers from the poor east side of town. The name Greasers reflects their long and oily hair. Ponyboy and his oldest brother, Darry, have constant arguments. Ponyboy resents his brother's consta ...

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"Stay Gold"

ntral characters draws the reader's attention to a poem. In a letter written by the dying Johnny to Ponyboy, he advises his friend to continue to (pg 154) "…dig sunsets… That's gold. Kee ... he quote "stay gold" and its meaning.This quote was taken from a poem written by Robert Frost which Ponyboy had trouble figuring out its meaning. To me, the poem appears to be comparing our youthful y ...

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"The Outsiders" By Susan Eloise Hinton.

Ponyboy and his brothers, Sodapop and Darry, belong to a group of poor teenage boys called greasers. ... giving. They often fight with the Socs, group of wealthy, privileged boys who beat them up for fun. Ponyboy is shy and quiet. He gets good grades in school and likes to draw and read. His oldest broth ... care of the family, since their parents died in a car crash. He is very serious and is very hard on Ponyboy. He often tells him to do better in school. Soda, the middle brother, is happy most of the t ...

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Ponyboy's Ideals and Conflicts

Akmuradov IsmailPonyboys' Ideals and ConflictsThe book The Outsiders, written by Hilton, is significant material for ... nt has on people. During the teenage years, one is very sensitive to the outside forces of society. Ponyboy, being a teen, is affected by the condition of his broken family, friends, and the moral con ... teen, is affected by the condition of his broken family, friends, and the moral conflicts he faces.Ponyboy's family is broken. Both his parents died in a car crash. The older brother, Darrell, is bus ...

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Qoute on "the outsiders"

w about yourself"- Lois Bujold. The first detail that supports the quote is when Dally, Johnny, and Ponyboy saved the children in the church while it was on fire. It support this quote because the gre ... asers reputation is to be cool, tough, and to do nothing but cause trouble. When Dally, Johnny, and Ponyboy saved the childrens lives it showed that they can be good and care about others.

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Research Paper On The Outsiders By S.E. Hinton

ovel which tells the story of conflict between the "greasers" and the "Socs," captures the voice of ponyboy and his friends in a realistic way that relates to boys and their gangs even today.This stor ... rban Slum characters, who are nearly but not yet hopeless" (Howard 62). Howard explains this way, " Ponyboy's hair was greased and long, today it might be shaved or dyed. There are still 14-yr-old 'gr ...

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The title of this essay is The Outsiders of the Greasers. This essay is about 3 of the Greasers Ponyboy, Dallas, and Johnny.

The 3 Outsiders are Ponyboy, Johnny, and Dallas Winston (Dally). They are outsiders because they don't do things like th ... outsider because he is always quiet; he hardly ever gets to fights and he like to do the same thing Ponyboy does. His hero is Dally but everybody else is scared of him. Johnny doesn't have loving pare ...

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The Outsiders- by SE Hinton Why Gangs Portrayed in this Novel are Real

social tension between two rival groups, the Socs and the Greasers. The main character, 14-year-old Ponyboy, is a Greaser who lives under the cycle of poverty and endless pressure from the Socs. They ... your authority. The fear the community has for the Greasers, as well as the Socs, was evident when Ponyboy stated that, "One day the Socs are a menace to society, the next they are the greatest contr ...

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"Outsiders": Compare Contrast Movie to Book

ardships.After reading the novel and watching the movie I noticed some differences, I'll start with Ponyboy, in the novel pony boy is slapped by his brother, but in the movie, he is pushed, I think th ... would stir up some more action.Some events also had their differences, in one of the church scenes; Ponyboy and Johnny try to catch a rabbit in the film version, in the novel version there was no bunn ...

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"The Outsiders" by S.E. Hinton

eals with affairs that are very close to the hearts of teens. The story is about fourteen years old Ponyboy who is tough and confused. The author S.E. Hinton tells the story of the young main characte ... ery it developed, by using a free verse poem to discover the world through Books.Although Darry and Ponyboy will probably still have misunderstandings, they are able to stop fighting with the help of ...

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'The Outsiders' by S.E Hinton

I think that Dally is the hero of the book. He helped Johnny and Ponyboy hide after they had killed Bob. He gave them a gun (heater) and fifty dollars and told them ... d lets himself get killed by the police because living without Johnny isn't living. In the book its Ponyboy says that after he was hit by the bullets "there was a triumphant grin on his face" (page 18 ... someone in the way that he did I consider him to be brave and a hero.At the beginning of the novel Ponyboy enjoys being a greaser. He identifies with this group of people and doesn't believe he has a ...

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"The Outsiders" by S.E. Hinton Essay: As readers we empathize with the Greasers but the novel as a whole leaves little hope for them. Do you agree?

f realistic language and description and allows the reader to experience the Greaser's life through Ponyboy. The novel as a whole leaves little hope for the gang. The gang lives on the wrong side of t ... gang lives on the wrong side of town and is not accepted by society. However there is some hope for Ponyboy and his brothers.In the novel, the author enabled the readers to have an insight to what lif ...

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"The Outsiders" by SE Hinton

families, large houses and good clothes. The novel is told through the eyes of the main character, Ponyboy who is also the narratorPonyboy had many painful and traumatic experiences, including witnes ... was Bob. He was killed whilst with a group of other Socs including Randy. They started a fight with Ponyboy and Johnny. Johnny saw the Socs trying to drown Ponyboy, so he panicked and stabbed Bob with ...

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S.E. Hinton The Outsiders

place which is very gang related, they get into fights non-stop since they are greasers. Johnny and ponyboy are best friends and do alot together. One night after comming back from the movies johnny a ... urns that they had to be taken to the hospital.. where Johnny had died. Towards the end of the book Ponyboy had lost another friends who had been gun down by the police.. all he had left were his brot ...

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The Outsiders

en in the war, had the story continued.Greasers and Socs The general pattern of the series involves Ponyboy's greaser friends becoming more involved with Randy's Soc friends. Given that they first bec ... be friends with Randy and Marcia. Not necessarily good or bad, just interesting.Doogie Curtis, M. D.Ponyboy's voice-overs at the beginning and end just come off cheesy. Part of it is that Jay Ferguson ...

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The Outsiders

Chapter 1.Ponyboy goes to the drive-in. On his way home, he wishes he looked like Paul Newman. A corvair begin ... he rescue, they chase the Socs away. They start smoking cigarettes they go back home, Sodapop tells Ponyboy that he wants the marry Sandy.Chapter 2.Dally, Ponyboy, and Johnny sneak into drive in, They ... t of the car and it looks like there's going to be a fight, Two bit breaks a bottle and gives it to Ponyboy, then he takes out blade from him pocket . Cherry stops them and says she hates fights. The ...

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n divided by the two social classes, and the two gangs. The story is told from the point of view of Ponyboy, the young one of the gang.In the story, Pony is pushed to a point were he does something he ... to a point were he does something he never he imagined he could do- kill a Soc. After the incident, Ponyboy and Johnny run off and hide in a country. In their desperation, they get more than what they ...

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The Outsiders

In The Outsiders, many serious problems are faced. The main character, Ponyboy, is put into situations that he must handle much more maturely than most fourteen year olds ... y authority figures at once, and the whole situation is much more than he can handle. One of Ponyboy's biggest conflicts is with the police. As a "greaser", most people that do not live w ... fault or not. If anything ever goes wrong, such as a robbery, a greaser is blamed. Because of this, Ponyboy has an awful relationship with all officers of authority. When his friend Johnny kills a Soc ...

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The Outsiders

ome things that prove this is when there is the big fight in the street towards the beginning where Ponyboy is getting beaten up by the Socs and then a bunch of his gang appear to help him out. This i ... nd a few moments later a bunch of his friends show up to save the day for him. Another part is when Ponyboy and Dally are hiding out from the Socs in the abandoned church while they read stories out l ...

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