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Was the papacy strengthened or weakened during its residence in Avignon?

ppear even more successful and monarchs, like the Kings of England, would be willing to act for the pope. Boniface VIII's 'Unum Sanctum' was clarification, just before the beginning of the Avignon pap ... t to consider not only the papal position within Christendom but the character and attitudes of the popes themselves. It is also necessary to look at outside influences, like continual strife in Rome ...

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Dante's Popes

Dante Alighieri incorporated corrupt Popes into his work The Inferno in a political ploy to represent the corruption of his time period. ... nferno in a political ploy to represent the corruption of his time period. There are four different popes that are used in The Inferno; Pope St. Gregory II, Pope Nicholas III, Pope Boniface VIII, and ... ante was against the church, that is not the case. There were disagreements between him and several Popes, though nothing to make him completely change his views on the church. He agreed with the syst ...

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lives of Jesus and Mary. He finished these great artworks in 5 years.Vasari tells the story of how Pope Boniface VIII sent a messenger to Giotto, asking for a sample of his artwork. Giotto dipped his ... work. Giotto dipped his brush in red and made a perfect circle with one continuous stroke. When the pope saw it, he "instantly perceived that Giotto surpassed all other painters of his time." In ...

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The Roman Catholic Church's decline

2What country was Philip IV the king of?France 1285-13143What was the bull,issued by Pope Boniface VIII,called? And what did it do?Clericos Loaicos; it prohibited the taxation of th ... axation of the clergy without papal approbal.4When neither refused to give way, what bull did Pope Boniface VIII issue and what did it say?Unam Sanctam; claimed papal supremacy in uncompromi ...

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