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Porn on the 'net.

eport. After searching for a while, they click on another link. All of a sudden, a horrible picture pops up onto the screen that depicts a man molesting two young boys. Genie freaks out and slams the ...

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come. After looking at my data that me and my fellow classmates collected. There is a problem that pops right out. By looking at my bargraph "Living and dead trees by size" for some odd reason most o ...

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Proof of why Money has had a detrimental factor on the lives of characters in Charles Dicken's Great Expectations.

When you think about money, what is the first thing that pops into your mind? Obtaining everything you want- no matter the cost. When you hear someone desc ...

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A fictional Hacker story, in the same explanative tone as some sci-fi I had to read for class

computer screen flashing up and down. It says "Email from CPUChAllEnGed". I double click it, and up pops a new window. My e-mail.From: CPUChAllEnGedTo: SuicideKingSubject: Brothers, to Arms!Suicide,We ... de by CPU and myself during one lazy summer day. One of the tools, a brute-force chat room cracker, pops open in the bottom left corner of my screen. I click it, and type in the room name. Within seco ...

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Bram Stocker's "Dracula".

The Gothic mode? What pops up in your mind when you hear those words? Perhaps it?s a black-dressing rock star, perhaps it? ...

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Notes on War of the Worlds by Wells..

to get frightened.QUOTE: "A message from Mars."Chap 4The Cylinder Opens:FACE/ EVENT: A metal screw pops off the top of the cylinder and unveils what is inside. A Martian is sitting their with it tent ...

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Gangs and the issues about gangs.

INTRODUCTIONWhat's a good thing that pops into mind when you think of gangs? I bet most of you here can't really imagine anything positiv ...

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Richard Branson biography.

y've done? How long they've done it for? what they have achieved? Well, there is one man who's name pops up under all of these things, Richard Branson. Richard Branson is the most exciting and persona ...

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Nikita Krushchev and why Russia is not evil. Needs cites taken out.

Who was the "bad guy" of the Cold War? Russia probably is the first thing that pops in your head. That is because you are an American, but it is easy to see that the United States ...

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To Kill a Baby, or Not to Kill?

hen, while scrambling inside your brain to find a solution, a commercial you heard a few months ago pops into your head. It was a commercial advertising Planned Parenthood, and in this commercial you ...

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Reflective Novel Essay

the end of every tunnel." If we break this quote up into two parts, the first picture that usually pops up into every one of our heads is the darkness itself--an area devoid of all light, a place whe ...

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Michael Jordan

gend. Someone that everyone knows by name and whenever the word basketball comes up an image of him pops into each person's brain. What he has done for the world of basketball and our society as a who ...

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Microsoft: its leap for the stars. Assignment: to briefly give an essay about Microsoft's history, along with their net income and any information I can find.

Today, you could walk up to anyone and ask them what first pops up in their head when they hear the name "Microsoft". Some might mention Windows, which current ...

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Computer Addiction

You have mail! The AOL account pops up an envelope on the bottom left of the screen. The user vigorously scurries their hand to the ...

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"Thats 70's Show" analyzed in women's roles. Diversity class.

ttom pants were a true fad, and nothing was more in style than rock tee shirts; one television show pops into the American populations head. That 70's Show reflects the time period very well, but incl ...

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Who Am I?

utes of her English class go by as fast as possible. The bell rings, and without any hesitation she pops up from her desk. Moments later, she finds herself more than relieved to have set foot in her f ...

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"Do the Right Thing"

he "Cool-out Corner" with the radio DJ Mister Senor Love Daddy played by Samuel L. Jackson. This DJ pops in and out of the movie informing the audience mainly of the temperature and constantly remindi ...

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Definition of Life

denly want to look back upon the life I have been through and attempt to answer aquestion that just pops up in my mind: "What is life?".I still remember that a friend of mine used to raise the same qu ...

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Analysis of a Concert: Classical vs. Popular

lture for both shows. I am from Pittsburgh and my mother actually works for the Pittsburgh Symphony Pops Orchestra so I was able to see a tribute to Gershwin on January 25th at Heinz Hall. My popular ... e classical concert since it was the first one I attended.At this Gershwin tribute where Pittsburgh Pops Conductor Marvin Hamlisch exploited Gershwin's "An American in Paris" and "Rhapsody in Blue." T ...

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Noises Off

stretching or doing breathing exercises, and occasionally looking for her lost contact lens, which pops out often. Freddie doesn't understand most of the play and gets a nosebleed at the first sign o ...

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