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Plato, The Republic

such as government structure, education, crime, property ownership, the honesty of occupations, and population control. He states in Book IV, Chapter Eleven '...the best form of political association ... that would further their economic and social well-being with little or no regard to the rest of the population. These classes consist of self-interested individuals that want to further their own need ...

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Population Control in Southeast Asia

Population Control in Southeast AsiaGovernments everywhere are concerned with the rapidly changing s ... rnments everywhere are concerned with the rapidly changing spatial distribution and growth of their populations, as people move to take advantage of different opportunities or are forced out of tradit ... ions or places of residence by changing conditions. Research into areas such as connections between population growth and development is still at its early stages. The relevance of this research for p ...

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Biology Ecology Essay - Human Population Control

Biology Ecology EssayInvestigate the four main aspects of human population controlAn exploration into the benefit of limiting birth:Limiting the number of children ... ude raising the level of education, increasing the care each child receive, and slashing the global population significantly. The reduction of children number results in that every student can receive ... r level of education such as university degree can be achieved more easily by a majority of student population followed by a decrease in total high school graduate. Secondly it will not have too many ...

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"Poverty Anonymous": How the US sould handle foreign aid.

Harden the best way to bring down the birth rate is to let people starve, a sort of self sustaining population control. When you take a closer look at countries with a higher birth and death rate, and ... rdin makes the point that if poor countries do not receive food from the outside, the rate of their population growth will be checked periodically by crop failures and famine. Once that realization se ...

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About population control in world/US, written for college admission.

The human population on earth is an issue that needs to be dealt with but is constantly swept under the rug. P ... ple need to reevaluate their priorities because in the end it will mean the survival of our species.Population control is thought of as very taboo in the United States because of the drastic measures ... nited States because of the drastic measures the Chinese went to not only to prevent an increase in population but to create a declination in the current population. While it seems as though the gover ...

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Hunting, From Humanistic Tradition to Population Control

From Humanistic Tradition to Population ControlHundreds of years ago, mankind relied on an essential practice known as hunting. H ... ithout which mankind would have become extinct. Over the last century alone, the United States deer population has grown from under 500,000 to over 20,000,000. Without hunting, this population expansi ... tion see hunting as a wicked slaughter of innocent animals that could actually be creating deer overpopulation. Hunting is a natural, humanistic, and inexpensive method through which overpopulation, d ...

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Melanesian Rituals and beliefs

d life within their beliefs. Through these adaptations, the Enga have gained ways to regulate their population, control communal resources, and regulate the environment through their rituals.The tradi ...

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China's One-Child Policy

ory of over 5000 years making it the longest continuous civilization. In the fourth century BC, the population of China became the most inhabited region in the world. After the fall of Rome, it stayed ... lated region under on government body for the rest of history (Hooker; Matthews 35). In 200 BC, the population was a few million. By 400 AD, the number of people in the Chinese Empire was 50 million. ...

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Plants as Pollution Sponges

h; how to finance it without undue economic burden remains a question. Some experts hold that since population growth automatically increases waste production, pollution can best be combated by popula ...

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Is China's One child policy ethically coorect, both sides of the arugument. And how does the world see the policy?

Is direct human population control, such as China's One Child Policy an effective way to control population?Introduc ... th over the past few decades has been a cause for great concern globally. Proposed solutions to the population problem are widely diverse and often contradictory. The Involvement in Childbearing has b ... and give incentives to have smaller sized families. Many countries have been trying to reduce their population growth, however few have responded in the way China has. China's One Child Policy is the ...

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Improving Society

ological ability to colonize distant planets is great enough to equate the growth rate of our world population. The only way to prevent overpopulating the world and draining it of all the natural reso ... drastic measure". Although many believe it to be iconoclastic, the systematic implementing of population control is a necessity if we want to ensure our prosperity now, and into the future. ...

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Romeo And Juliet - The Role Of Fate In The Play

ng change for years. Everything depends on what we do and how we do it. Only we, our peers, and our population control them""not fate.Even in Romeo and Juliet, there are many decisions a character cou ...

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Compare and contrast India and China's population

China and India are the two countries that have the highest population in the world. Both countries have realised that family planning and population control ha ... on what the major problems facing both are, why have they both had to implement policies regarding population control, and the long-term and short-term effects that these policies have on the two cou ... rm effects that these policies have on the two countries.The major problem concerning China is over population. Due to overpopulation, the demand for energy to light every house and for petrol to fuel ...

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s a reliable food supply. A food supply must be maintained despite such factors as land conversion, population growth and economic inequalities. Reliable food supplies in developing countries are in j ... the Third World or developing countries, land conversion is a serious problem; this is because the population increases in such countries are comparatively great and the growing number of people need ...

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Irony of Dickens in Oliver Twi

his so she could keep the left over money meant for food to herself, while also providing a form of population control for the paupers. If any child asked for more gruel they were punished severely. " ...

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Improving Society

ological ability to colonize distant planets is great enough to equate the growth rate of our world population. The only way to prevent overpopulating the world and draining it of all the natural reso ... ls a "drastic measure". Although many believe it to be iconoclastic, the systematic implementing of population control is a necessity if we want to ensure our prosperity now, and into the future. ...

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Simile of cave

o all the groups. They also ensured that each person was contended in life. They also emphasized on population control .Education was also provided to the guardians. Through education, they could incu ...

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Abortion : Silent Victims

will have to wait several years just to adopt a child. Did you know that the entire earth's population could live in the state of Texas alone? So there goes the question of population control. ...

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Critique of "Unmasking the Population Bomber"

In her article, ?Unmasking the population bomber,? Ann Filemyr argues that gender studies should be applied to considerations of po ... ecial attention must be paid to preserving women?s rights. Filemyr dissects the ideology behind the population bomb myth. She believes that in order to mask their responsibility in consuming the world ... esponsibility in consuming the world?s resources, ?gorging? countries conjure the idea that the overpopulation of developing countries is the actual problem behind scarcity of natural resources. In he ...

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Population Control

When people hear the words population control, they automatically think the most negative aspects of such a concept without eve ... a second to consider what the intention of such a suggestion might involve. For me, I believe that population control is more of a way of thinking about the future of the world and the people who liv ... ple of this world have gotten out of control and we have gone crazy about sex and the result is the population is over six billion and climbing rapidly.As it is, the people of Earth have completely ta ...

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