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Symbolism in the Wizard of OZ

Baum, an already accomplished children's author, then wrote The Wizard of Oz, as an allegory of the Populists' failed efforts to reform the nation in 1896. The Wizard of Oz is a book with fantasy char ...

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Racial segregation in the South by the end of the 1890's.

end of the 1890's the more rigid system of racial segregation emerged with the problems between the Populists and the Democrats in the 1892 election and also with the Supreme Court's decision in the c ... system of racism in the 1890's can be linked back to many sources. First, the struggles between the Populists and Democrats in the election of 1892 made many people angry at blacks and it also resulte ...

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Lula: The End of Latin American Populism?

simply by wishing for it--never as the result of discipline, thrift and hard work. In practice the populists' expansionary policies have usually delivered short-lived prosperity, immediately followed ... financial collapse. This reality, coupled with the socially divisive rhetoric loved and employed by populists, has sometimes led to violence and opened the door to even worse authoritarian regimes.Int ...

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An Analysis of the Populist Party's Premature Fall into Obscurity.

of 1896.The Democratic nomination for President, William Jennings Brian, was also supported by the Populists. While they feared losing their individual identity, they had no candidate of their own th ... ulist nominee would ensure McKinley's election. In an attempt to preserve the party's identity, the Populists nominated a vice-president separate from the Democrats'.Although Brian managed to win the ...

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Basic Civil War summary

ether, the farmers of the plains and the South formed the backbone of a new political movement: the Populists. Populism's two big issues were free Silver and railroad regulation. Also, the Populists p ... opulists pushed for Sub treasuries plan to help provide low- interest loans to farmers.In 1892, the Populists, feeling alienated by the Democrat and anti-tariff President Grover Cleveland developed a ...

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Populism and the Wizard of Oz

moted a totally new system of racial segregation. Even though they lost all national elections, the Populists managed to win control of all of the southern states and several western ones.Populist pro ...

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Significance of Pericles' Death

iency of democracy ('the mob') allowed the Athenians to be easily influenced and therefore electing populists such as Cleon, Lysicles and Hyperbolus into dominant leadership roles. Election, via democ ... on, Lysicles and Hyperbolus into dominant leadership roles. Election, via democratic means, of such populists, meant that the Athenians would take a much more aggressive approach to the war and theref ...

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Populism and the Jacksonian Democrats Answer to a past FRQ (Free Response Question) for an AP US History class.

Question: In what ways were the late nineteenth-century Populists the heirs of the Jacksonian-Democrats with respect to overall objectives and specific prop ... f the Jacksonian-Democrats with respect to overall objectives and specific proposals for reform?The Populists of the late nineteenth-century were in many aspects the heirs of the Jacksonian Democrats, ... spects the heirs of the Jacksonian Democrats, carrying on the legacy and tradition left behind. The Populists were very similar to the Jacksonians in many of their overall objectives and specific refo ...

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Populist Ideas Continue into the 1900's

(1901-1921). Although the Progressive Coalition didn't carry out all the solutions proposed by the Populists, the problems that the two groups addressed were essentially the same.The Populist Party w ... had the same basic goal: to improve the quality of life for Americans across the country. Both the Populists and the Progressives sought reform in the control of the government and what the governmen ...

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The Populist Movement

rs' Alliancesmelted away. While trying to broaden their base to include labour and other groups, thePopulists remained almost entirely agrarian-oriented. They demanded an increase in thecirculating cu ... st the Democratic Party. Additional victories werewon in the 1894 midterm election, but in 1896 the Populists allowed themselves to be swept intothe Democratic cause by their mutual preoccupation with ...

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How significant are third party candidates in US Presidential Elections?

are and have been many "third parties". Anti-Masons, Free-Soilers, Know-Nothings, Prohibitionists, Populists, Socialists, Communists, States' Righters and Libertarians-- they've all nominated candida ...

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Essay: To what extent was the New Deal "new"?

e it seemed to be the only hope to get out of the depression. It was the people's ray of light. The Populists and Progressives represented the farmers and those oppressed by the major industrialists, ... was perhaps the only unromantic aspect of the populist cause in the 1890s. They were a problem for populists then because manufacturers wanted cheap labor. In short, the immigrants became the "scum o ...

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Populist Party.

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Revolutionary Movements in Russia

ik, and Fitzpatrick present complementing views on Russia's revolutionary path. The failures of the Populists to foment a revolution amongst the rural peasants fostered a series of new and antagonisti ... ants were not the driving force behind the revolutions of 1905 and 1917. As Yarmolinksy claims, the Populists failed in achieving significant revolutionary reform, because they did not truly understan ...

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Compare and Contrast the Populists and Progressives

As the United States advanced into the twentieth century, the Populists and Progressives saw numerous economic, political, and social problems in need of reform. ... e newly formed party and it called for the free coinage of silver. From an economic standpoint, the Populists hoped that this inflationary measure would eradicate the financial burden that plagued the ... in need of reform. The goal of most progressives was government regulation of business. Just as the populists had proposed years earlier, the progressives supported a graduated income tax, and a syste ...

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The Populists party

red of all the unnecessary suffering they were forced to endure, created a new political party, the Populists party, to address their problems and needs. The farmers were a resilient and determined gr ... e means for which the farmers, and the descendents of the Grange movement, did this was through the Populists Party. Thus the Populists party was a logical development from the Grange movement.At this ...

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Progressivism vs. Populism

y. Their main stance as a party was to allow the unlimited coinage of silver as currency. This, the Populists believed would help make the prices of their food more affordable and allow credit to flow ... populated northeast because of their lack of agriculture and failure to relate to the issues of the Populists.The death of the Populist movement initiated the birth of a new one. In the early 20th cen ...

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rty in American history.At the beginning, it did not seem that they would be successful at all. The Populists had several problems which limited the potential votes that they could receive. First, wom ... (the right to vote) was becoming more and more popular in the far West and also in the East, so the Populists' firm stand on this issue denied them many votes that they might have gotten if they had s ...

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U.S. History - Populism Study Notes

ome Farmer's Alliance members and some from the Knights of Labor formed the People's Party (aka the Populists)-called for the unity of all working people and for the restoration of the harmony of inte ...

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