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Criminal Law Investigation

urrent Australian case is the one involving Adrian Bryant, who is accused of killing many people in Port Arthur earlier this year.AssaultCommon assault (not sexual or seizing assault), is the use of f ...

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Russo-Jap War: Evaluation of the Russian Imperial Army during their "learning the hardway" war against the Japanese in 1904.

and wanted this essay in a letter format, as if I were a Command & Staff Officer assigned to report on the performance of the Czar's (Russian) Imperial Army during the Russo-Japanese War of 1904. ... my senior commands to coordinate and/or agree with a course of action proved fatal, especially when Port Arthur was for all intents and purposes, the key to our victory in the Far East.Further, follow ...

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Russo-japanese war and outcomes.

en months. The fighting on land revolved around the desperate blockade of the Russian naval base at Port Arthur and large battles fought in Manchuria. Neither side proved able to win. At sea, however, ... ore Roosevelt, who won the Nobel Peace Prize for his diplomatic efforts.The Russo-Japanese War is important for several reasons. First, it was fought in Northeast Asia, which has been and remains an i ...

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The Russo-Japanese War (1904-1905)

teen months. The fighting on land lasted around the desperate blockade of the Russian naval base at Port Arthur and large battles fought in Manchuria. Neither side proved able to win. At sea, however, ... ,000 miles from the Baltic Sea to Northeast Asia which is often considered a classic example of a important fleet engagement. By the spring of 1905, both Japan and Russia were worn out. The defeats su ...

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Russia Did the 1905 Revolution fail?

e tide of revolution'. The cause of the Russo-Japanese war was caused because the Russians only had ports that were frozen over during the winter season, however there was a port known as 'Port Arthur ... as 'Port Arthur' that could be used by the Russians for trade. As a cause for the Russians wanting 'Port Arthur', the start of the Russo-Japanese war had started.In the war Russia had lost by a victor ...

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Geography Essay on Tasmania, Australia. Essay includes details about landforms, a native animal, a native plant, 2 major cities of Tasmania

nd some areas are forbidden from the public so they can rehabilitate. There is also a ghost tour at Port Arthur. Port Arthur used to be a convict Settlement.Port Arthur is officially Tasmania's number ... Tasmania's number one tourist attraction, and no visit to the state is complete without seeing it. Port Arthur is a 90 minute drive from Hobart. It was established as a convict settlement and soon be ...

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The Russo-Japanese War

and Manchuria. In 1898, Russia had pressured China into granting it a lease for the strategically important port of Port Arthur in southern Manchuria. Russia thereby entered into occupation of the pen ... ad won rights to extend the Trans-Siberian Railroad across Chinese-held Manchuria to the Russian seaport of Vladivostok, thus gaining control of an important strip of Manchurian territory. (Kort, 53 & ...

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The causes of the Russian revolution in 1905

-Japanese War of 1904-1905. Unlike the expectations of Russia, the war was a disaster. Japan seized Port Arthur and most of their ships were destroyed, this defeat by the Far East Asian country was a ... to the Winter Palace in St Petersburg, followed by more than 150,000 (there was a high level of support because of the bad working condition, the food shortages and unemployment) angry workers who su ...

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The End of the Romanov Dynasty

to Japan were foreshadowing of the causes of the Russian Revolution. The Japanese surprise attacked Port Arthur, the Russians were not prepared and it took them a fair amount of time to respond. The t ... were constantly arguing. They kept changing their strategies until finally the Russian Commander of Port Arthur surrendered to the Japanese, before consulting his officers, even though they were stock ...

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Redressing the scars of Port Arthur

The article refers to the gun massacre of Port Arthur by Martin Bryant ten years ago. This Headline of the article catches my attention becaus ... ars ago. This Headline of the article catches my attention because if there was anything to do with Port Arthur it would remind me of the horrific, killing spree that captured Australia's and the worl ... a picture of Bryant who looks to me like he might be in his late teens. I would say that the photo portrays him as a normal and angelic looking guy. He has long blonde hair and his simple white shirt ...

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Gun Ownership Control

le citizens have been shocked by the use of guns in a ruthless manner. For instance, the tragedy of Port Arthur in Australia.Gun control legislations may stop crime completely; however it will reduce ... groups whereby it would be extremely difficult to face the groups. The massacre that took place in Port Arthur would probably not be stopped by normal citizen who owned a gun as there would be a high ...

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y Did the Tsar Survive the Revolution of 1905, but Not That Of 1917?

over Manchuria however, this led to war with Japan. The result of this war was the hopeless loss of Port Arthur and worse conditions for the people of Russia. Railways were blocked leaving all the tra ... blocked leaving all the transport of food and supplies at a halt. Factories closed due to loss of import of raw materials and there was a high percentage of unemployment. This made the workers very fu ...

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