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Coral Sea - An Important Battle

seizing the islands of New Guinea, New Caledonia, Fiji and Samoa. The first srep was the capture of port Moresby, a key Allied base on the south coast of New Guinea, 400 miles from Australia.For two m ... on the island of New Britain. By May 4, a formidable naval force had been amassed, and the 11 transports destined for Port Moresby headed south from Rabaul.The move didn't surprise Admiral Chester Ni ...

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Historical Melanesia

tual Overviews)Land Of Lost Tribes And LanguagesFew people who follow the torturous exploits of the Portuguese who circumnavigated the globe half a millennium ago ever reach The Molucca Islands tucked ... the temperature than latitude. In a one hour flight one can experience the sun scorched dryness of Port Moresby, stand beneath a torrential downpour in the steamy town of Lae and shiver under the chi ...

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Write an essay on what role the Australian 6th and 7th Divisions played in the defence of Australia in WWII

might have turned out very differently. In fact the battle for El Alamein was considered to be so important that Winston Churchill issued the following statement: "Before Alamein we never had a victor ... ectly to Australian soil, it was a threat to our allies and we were counting on these allies for support if ever it was required in the direct defence of Australia.In early March 1942, the Japanese ha ...

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New Guinea During the Battle of the Pacific -It's the military involvement during the war in New Guinea.

n's defense of New Guinea was overcome by a well calculated amphibious attack by the Army Forces supported by the Naval Gunfire and Naval Air Support. This event occurred in New Guinea from 24 of Janu ... o landed at Buna on the northeastern cost, directly across the Owen Stanley Range of mountains from Port Moresby. The battle of the Coral Sea and the fight at Guadalcanal ended the Japanese drive acro ...

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History Empathy Task- Kokoda Track

attalion, 53rd Battalion and the 21st Brigade fought against the Japanese who were trying to invade Port Moresby but due to the Australian soldiers, they were not able to. Jack Boland was born and liv ... om Melbourne in June and me and my mates were sent to fight for the 39th Battalion. We were sent to Port Moresby to stop the Japanese from invading Port Moresby and being on the doorstep of our wonder ...

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Japan Entering World War II

ch 1942. With Bataan surrening on 9th April 1942 and then Corregidor a month later. The US Navy, supported by ships of the RAN, halted a Japanese convoy headed of Port Moresby during the battle of the ... series of decisive battles.Allied navies in the battle of the Coral Sea stopped the naval attack on Port Moresby of May 1942. If the Japanese had of succeeded in the capture of Port Moresby their navy ...

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The Battle for New Guinea

Two. The key to liberating the Pacific islands was a starting point for land based airfields to support ground forces. The airbases would also provide locations to launch long range strategic bombing ... rd, setting their sights on the large island of New Guinea. The island of New Guinea was the last import hurdle to cross that seperated the Northern areas of Australia and the advancing Japanese occup ...

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