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Discuss the reasons for European overseas exploration and enterprise in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. Why did they take place when and where they did?

In the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, the Spanish and Portuguese would begin a wave of European overseas expansion that would shape the modern world. This ... heir goods. Italian merchants had monopolized the trade with the East, so Europeans, especially the Portuguese early on, began to leave the Mediterranean and venture into the Atlantic.Lack of trade wi ... to find the source of the gold so that they could purchase it less expensively. To these ends, the Portuguese began to sail down the western coast of Africa. They established trading posts in the "bu ...

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Is war justified or not? A detailed explanation.

or blonde hair and blue eyes? Would most of Europe now not be speaking English or French, Spanish, Portuguese etc., but be speaking German?Britain had to resort to going to war or nothing would have ...

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Native American History-Slavery

elop the new economy, as Braudel foresees. Therefore, two dominant imperial forces, the Spanish and Portuguese Crowns had tried to fill the need for work force by raiding the numerous still-unconquere ... that surrounded their colonies along the Brazilian coast.(Hemming, 1978, p.134) In both Spanish and Portuguese America, however, the rulers took steps to replace this early Native American slavery wit ...

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Political, social, and economical issues between China and Taiwan.

In 1997, China reacquired Hong Kong from the British and is set to take over the Portuguese-administered territory of Macau in 1999. Now China is eager to incorporate Taiwan as part ...

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The argument of independence between China and Taiwan.

China reacquired Hong Kong in 1997 from the British and is set to take over the Portuguese-administered territory of Macau later this year. Now China is eager to incorporate Taiwan ...

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Did the Portuguese "discover" Australia in the 1520's?

Did the Portuguese "discover" Australia in the 1520's?There is much circumstantial evidence to suggest that ... t it was neither the Dutch nor the British to be the first Europeans to discover Australia, but the Portuguese, around the 1520's. As stated in McIntyre's "Secret Discovery of Australia" it is believe ... n one direction - to the proposition that, in the ninety years before the first Dutch sighting, the Portuguese sighted and visited and charted the Australian coasts."Though many historians hold these ...

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Research paper on the African country of Cameroon

The coast of present-day Cameroon was explored late in the 15th century by the Portuguese, who named the estuary to the south of Cameroon Mountain Rio das Camerões ("river ...

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Christopher Columbus' enslavement and exploitation of the Caribbean's Amerindians. Also, his reasons for searching for new colonies.

the sea. Before finally going to ask for the assistance of Spain, Christopher Columbus went to the Portuguese with his plan of getting to America via the route around Africa. Unfortunately, they refu ...

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Iva Toguri: Guilty of Treason and Ignorant to Consequences

for the Japanese Government under her own will. Second, although having the opportunity to become a Portuguese citizen and then the ability to leave Japan, Iva Toguri did not. Third, Iva Toguri admitt ... kness and solitude of the orphan she was meant to portray" (334). Iva did have a chance to become a Portuguese citizen and leave Japan however; Iva stayed in Japan and continued working for Radio Toky ...

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Brazil Cultural Vignette.

es, however, seems to capture a broad selection of cultures, which have developed from the original Portuguese empires domination and colonization to a developing economical super power. Within this c ... ing history has guided its political structure to be what it currently is. Brazil was set up by the Portuguese as a colony, however, when Napolean Bonaparte attacked and took over Portugal, the ruling ...

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Heinrich SChliemann Biography

his education. By the end of his life Schliemann was familiar with English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Italian, Greek, Latin, Russian, Arabic and Turkish apart from his native German ...

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Macau Maritime Museum and the A-Ma Temple

se two places to visit is because both of them are located at approximately the same spot where the Portuguese first landed.The Maritime museum was opened on the 24th of June 1990. This museum commemo ... oddess and disappeared into the heavens. Another interesting thing about the Temple is that Macau's Portuguese name is derived from this temple's Chinese name 'Ma Gua'. As the A-Ma Temple was built by ...

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Europeans In China

e economic life: agriculture, commerce, and maritime trade and exploration. The Chinese allowed the Portuguese to establish a trading station in Macao, after years of negotiation. However, the impact ... success in China using their knowledge of astronomy to gain admission in the emperor's circle. the Portuguese helped to revise the Chinese calendar, proving themselves useful to the emperor. The empe ...

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Changes and continuities in world trading systems during 1450-1750.

During the fifteen century, Africa became one of the major location for European explorers, mainly Portuguese. For centuries, Europeans traded gold and spices, but during the fifteen century, one of ... en century, one of the most important change occurred; a new type of trade began; influenced by the Portuguese and starting the most shameful period of history. It quickly expanded, and with the time ...

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the reason why it is often called the "Spanish Ireland." Its first language, Galician, is closer to Portuguese than Spanish.Galicia, being the wet, green corner of Spain, faces the North Atlantic Ocea ...

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Taiwan- How its history demands its fight and protection from Red Chinese aggression.

he Taiwanese have their own reasons to disagree.Taiwan was once a beautiful island, long before the Portuguese named it Ihla Formosa. Many aboriginal tribes inhabited the island and enjoyed it complet ... Tainan. This location was not really their first choice as they had tried to capture Macao from the Portuguese. Then they fought Ming forces over the Pescadores. Both sides compromised and the Dutch c ...

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om the moment he stepped into the new world. Before his arrival Columbus was a slave trader for the Portuguese and he continued this ideology in the new world by enslaving Native Americans and African ...

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To what extent was the colonization of Argentina good for its people?

as ruled by Spain and Portugal, which is why the languages that are spoken nowadays are Spanish and Portuguese. Today, the three main groups that form the population of Argentina are descendants of th ... but they were unable to come to an agreement until the Americas were basically cut in half and the Portuguese were only left with Brazil, whilst the Spaniards got the rest, which is how it was Spain ...

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Visiting Brazil

s suppose that your first trip is to Brazil, a Latin American country, where the language spoken is Portuguese. How would you get prepared for that?Basic things you would have to know. Brazil's favori ...

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Did the Portuguese Discover the East coast of Australia?

When just one piece of evidence is presented, the possibility of the Portuguese discovering Australia seems highly unlikely. However when all evidence is taken into cons ... uropean explorer to set foot on Australia. Some people have claimed to have found evidence that the Portuguese discovered the east coast of Australia in the 1520s.Such evidence includes a Portuguese B ... Mahogany ship, Bitangabee Bay, Dauphin map, De Jode’s world Atlas and La Trobe’s keys.The Portuguese Brass Cannon that was found on the Western Coast of Australia is not an acceptable piece ...

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