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Growing industrialism of the Gilded Age a threat to American Democracy?

mmon defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this constitution for the United States of America.'The American ...

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Who's the Boss?

ad the word union with others such as order, justice, tranquility, welfare, blessing of liberty and posterity? These words are the roots of the Constitution that not only inspire patriotism but also a ...

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Analizing the preamble of the United States Constitution

mmon defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America. The previous ... king care of the people in need of assistance."secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity." Just coming out of a dictatorship our forefathers and the people never wanted to go back ...

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The Life of Caesar.

ffer us a true picture of history, he fails in his aim when arguing that Caesar's greatest work for posterity was determined not by the founding of the Empire, but by "the conquest of Gaul, to which [ ...

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A brief summary of the life of composer Hector Berlioz, followed by an in-0depth description of his Grande Messe Des Morts.

tically nothing to other people's music, an artist, we may almost say, without ancestry and without posterity. Mozart builds upon Haydn and influence Beethoven; Beethoven imitates Mozart and in turn i ...

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To what extent did high culture become the tool of state interest during the period 1624-1715?

to demonstrate the grandeur and power of the king in the eyes of his subjects, of foreigners and of posterity. The concept of using the arts as a tool of the state was not new to the period concerned; ...

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Was Louis XIV merely concerned with 'la gloire' in his foreign policy?

La Gloire can be translated as a reputation in the world and the posterity for nobility, honour and glorious feats of arms. With this in mind the question can be int ...

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Critics of Shakespeare

r those, who, being forced by disappointments upon consolatory expedients, are willing to hope from posterity what the present age refuses, and flatter themselves that the regard is yet denied by envy ...

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Was it ever possible for the British to establish a fair solution to the Palestinian problem?

desire for immortality through one's progeny, the need to leave a mark on the world - a legacy for posterity. The greatest philosophers of the world have mused about the concept of free will; the ext ...

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A Paper Against the Death Penalty

n my Catholic religion that God is the only person who has the right to take a person's life away, "Posterity will remember this merciful gesture. As Christians, we believe that God is the giver of li ...

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Nobel Prize Nomination.

fred Nobel, a Swedish industrialist who made his fortune by inventing and selling dynamite, left to posterity a sizable prize fund, stipulating that it be used each year to recognize those individuals ...

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Addiction to entertainment.

waiting an hour for food becomes inadequate service and thirty seconds for a webpage to load is the posterity of spy ware. This happenstance perspective makes for tads of a problem. People, particular ...

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'Napoleon on his achievements, 1816': How far can one rely on written sources left by Napoleon?

ny? Could it be that Napoleon was constantly and consciously concerned about his own image, and how posterity would view him in later years? By analysing this source, we hope to gain a broader perspec ... s them apart one by one, giving his excuses for each. He denied all charges put against him and for posterity stated that historians will 'take up my defence' (Block 2, p.30).One reservation that ...

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Were the principal effects of the plague known as the Black Death economic, or religious, or psychological, or a blend? If a blend, then what kind of blend?

"Oh, happy posterity, who will not experience such abysmal woe and will consider our history to be a fable."The ...

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BMW Leadership

ders are the ones who keep faith with the past, keep step with the present, and keep the promise to posterity- Harold J. SeymourIntroductionBMWThe Ultimate Driving Machine"How does one become the ulti ...

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French Revolution

ervatism. When the French Revolution was happening in 1789, he has been linked the most strongly by posterity to a critique of the French revolution. He resisted to revolutionary ideas, the rise unbri ...

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Was Napoleon A Great Man?

my mistress". (Encarta 98) He had a love for action and a boundless ambition. "I live only for posterity," he said, "death is nothing . . . but to live defeated and without glory is to die every ...

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Will the People Change the World?

Fahrenheit this century, but think of the “long haul” in terms of years and of a person's posterity. The rate of rising temperature is growing exponentially. If nothing is done about global ...

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arefully preserve their holdings as to transmit important information to the present generation and posterity. Art museums are said to concentrate on beauty and their mission is often defined as the d ...

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Life and times of louis xiv

V; no other rulers so completely dominated their lands both in their own times and in the memory of posterity." (Wolf, ix). He is portrayed in The Man in the Iron Mask as a selfish and dishonest king ...

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