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S transitors. The stored charge on the capacitors tend to discharge. The dynamic RAM offers reduced power consumption and larger storage capacity in a single memory chip. The static RAM is easiser to ... ory" and is volatile.Static RAM(SRAM) - SRAM doesn't have to be constantly refreshed. Uses a lot of power. Used in old IBM XT machines and was limited to 256K per chip.*Dynamic RAM(DRAM) - DRAM use ca ...

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Lighting Units - their uses, pros and cons.

as a Lighting UNIT is basically what we refer to the globe or bulb. They are identified by type and power consumption. The brightness of a bulb is referred to as the Wattage, which is a reflection of ... hile white Tungsten emits 3200K. Photo Bulbs look and are like average household bulbs yet are more powerful like Photofloods emitting 250W brightness.Majority of films use 3200K Tungsten lights, whic ...

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Cell Phones

s have two signal strengths 0.6 watts and 3.0 watts. The cell phones and base stations are both low power transmitters (Brain, 1998-2002).?Low power transmitters have two advantages: 1. The transmissi ... utside the cell. Therefore, the same 56 frequencies can be used extensively across the city. 2. The power consumption of the cell phone, which is normally battery-operated, is relatively low. Low powe ...

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Hewlett-Packard Case: The Kittyhawk has never flown

ical breakthroughs would be developed. As a result a drive with incredible shock resistance and low power consumption, weighting an ounce was created. This autonomous business unit was an intelligent ...

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How to Manual Unit 4

on and most advanced Double Data Rate Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory. By offering reduced power consumption, a doubled pre-fetch buffer and also offers more bandwidth because of its increase ... may be stored on them. Later changes on the computer and operating system often an administrator or power user will be faced with the need to resize partitions, create new partitions in the unallocate ...

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