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Principles of Management

re taking this course, my definition of the concept of management would have been strictly based on power relationships within an organization, how to use power to achieve your goals and how to manipu ... a political science major and the questions most often asked in political science courses deal with power within a structure and how this power is used, abused and expressed by those in control. There ...

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Effects of the incorporation of international law into the dynamics of organized anarchy and how power relationships are altered..

ration of international law into the dynamics of organized anarchy. How for example does this alter power relationships? Does it expand or contract the number of political participants? Does it alter ... an arena of conflict where only the strong survive and strength is measured in political clout and power. The political actor, sometimes elected sometimes dictated, with the greatest power to persuad ...

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A Marxist Analysis of a Star Trek Episode: This Side of Paradise.

d.In this analysis I will approach the text from a historical and cultural perspective, examine the power relationships contained within the text, look at the author's class position and his relations ... responsibilities, he is capable of emotions, and can be free, even for a short time, to enjoy life.Power Relationships in the textThe two most obvious relationships within the episode are between Cap ...

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The Discourse of Power. michael foucault: history of sexuality & crime and punishment

To Foucault, everything is about powerrelationships. Entwined with power is knowledge sothat in every power relationship there is kno ... power relationship there is knowledgeand vice-versa. Foucault takes the cliché "Knowledgeis power" and revises it: the knowledge of humansintegrated with the power that acts on humans equalspo ... owledge of humansintegrated with the power that acts on humans equalspower/knowledge. Consequently, power/knowledge (not abinary opposition but an integrated construction) isalways a discursive format ...

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Aolph Hitler

ted in the devastation of World War II, culminating in Germany's defeat and the reordering of world power relationships.Hitler was born on April 20, 1889, in the Austrian town of Braunau am Inn, the s ... became convinced that Germany had been "stabbed in the back" by Jews and Marxists.Hitler's rise to power paralleled the unstable course of the Weimar Republic, which replaced the fallen Hohenzollern ...

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"Julius Caesar" by Shakespeare - An Analysis of the Themes of Power, Manipulation, and Ambition

Analytical EssayJulius CaesarPower is a theme that has dominated mankind since history was recorded. The assassination of Julius ... Caesar, ruler of the greatest empire the world has ever known, was a result of such a struggle for power. The foundations of Shakespeare's 'Julius Caesar' are power relationships which dominate the l ... ntext, Rome in 44 BC, the height of the Roman Republic, predisposes the play to a complex tangle of power conflicts. As the power of prominent characters builds tension, ambitions develops, and thus m ...

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Discussion of the use of magic in Shakespeare's 'The Tempest'.

s through the play. The plot of The Tempest is almost entirely dependent on the use of supernatural powers. Prospero and Ariel both have magical powers at their disposal. This allows them, primarily P ... ers, manipulating them through their use of magic. Magic also provides the means by which the plot, power relationships, love affairs and themes of the play are created and affected. The most obvious ...

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Power of globalization.

Introduction.Globalization changes power relationships. At the level of international relations, it changes the power of developing cou ... ountries relative to that of developed countries. At the level of domestic politics, it changes the power relations among government, business, and civil society. Most fundamentally, it changes the pr ... factor. (Dr.Butenhoff) Nationalists believe in the primacy of the state, its security, and military power in order for it to work in international system.Second perspective is economic liberalism. It ...

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How are gender and sexual politics entangled with racial politics in "Uncivilised", "The Tracker", and "Nice Coloured Girls"?

ite Australia with their brutal history towards Aboriginals and "Nice Coloured Girls" redefines the power relationships between Aboriginal women and white men. "Uncivilised", "The Tracker" and "Nice C ... and "Nice Coloured Girls" all interweave the themes of gender, sexual and racial politics to create powerful films.Charles Chauvel's film "Uncivilised"' (1936) entangles racial, gender and sexual poli ...

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The Vienna Congress: Re-Establishing the Old Order

ew ideas of popular sovereignty, liberalism, and nationalism threatened the collective security and power relationships of many monarch states in Europe. The Vienna Congress that gathered attempted to ... ies of the Congress and their attempt to preserve the old order (Ancient Regime) and its associated power relationships. The defeat at Waterloo was not only a military victory it represented for the v ...

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Conflict Management

mething about the causes of conflicts, styles of conflicts, destructive and constructive conflicts, power relationships and negotiating techniques.The Causes of ConflictsAs we all know, there are thou ... d constructive conflicts happen frequently so that we should learn to identify them and handle them.Power RelationshipUnderstanding power Relationship is another very important thing in conflict manag ...

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Created Equal

ing Together: Psychic Space and the Demand for Sexual Equality", she explores the conflicting power relationships within a society. Cornell uses the power of the imagination to create an ethical ... rcomes the difficulties in relying on mere notions of formal or substantive equality. The differing power relationship in society is also talked about in James Scott's essay, "Domination and the Art o ...

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's father points out. In the poem Silence, Moore addresses when facing a father who manipulates the powers language confers, she needs to convert the powers to her own restraint on silence as her fath ... ence, rejects the father's uses of language, which assume that behavioral superiority and all other power relationships are stable, and hints the desire for freedom of both expression and response.Dur ...

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The Pros and Cons of Conducting Research at your Place of Employment

der when doing the study is that the researcher has an informed knowledge of the culture, politics, power relationships and issues of the study setting. In light of this, Arksey and Knight (1999) wrot ...

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Racism is Destructive (how minority can influence)

Racism is destructive. It disempowers people by devaluing their identity. It destroys community cohesion and creates divisions in s ... nd in the policies and entrenched practices of institutions. Where these behaviours involve unequal power relationships between individuals or groups from different cultural backgrounds, racist action ...

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The Managerial Nature of Case Management

s. Moreover, pertinent issues such as client self-determination and autonomy, which distinguish the power relationships between employers and employees from case managers and consumers, militate again ... ers and administrators usually appear at the top of the organizational chart. They often have broad power and responsibility and they directly affect agency goal attainment. Despite their lower rank i ...

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Organization Design

n involves consideration of several things, one of which is the centralization and the structure of power relationships within the employees of the organization. Hence, it is the power structure inher ... t in the organizational structure that determines how centralized a given organization truly is.The power structure within the organization is determined by its span of control and degree of centraliz ...

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A Gendered History Of African Colonization In The Antebellum United States

s that view gender as a whole, recognizing men and masculinity, as well as how gender has signified power relationships throughout human history, as indispensable subjects for historical inquiry. 3 Hi ... ick Freeman declared, "a prejudice against the colour of the African, which nothing short of divine power can remove." With their pessimism rooted in a Calvinist-inspired vision of corporate reform, c ...

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