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David Williamson. Essay dealing with themes/ideas in Williamson's "The Club" and "The Removalists"

be abandoned. For example, Laurie (the coach) blames an old Club tradition for his failure to win a premiership, 'You and your cronies wouldn't let me buy players.' Jock (the vice-president) replies, ... o has not played for the Club, both of which are against traditions, to ensure that the Club wins a premiership next season. This hypocritical attitude towards tradition is probably a fairly typical A ...

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Why did Lloyd George fall from power in 1922?

1918 as "the man who won the war". How is it that he fell from power in 1922 never to return to the premiership? A multitude of problems struck both Lloyd George and his government some were his own f ...

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To what extent has the Blair premiership validated the Crossman thesis?

nstitution' (1867). In his introduction he outlines his argument for the development of the British premiership from the traditional 'primus inter pares' to a presidentialism. In this essay I am going ... ditional 'primus inter pares' to a presidentialism. In this essay I am going to show that the Blair premiership does not validate the Crossman thesis, it instead continues the long running trend of st ...

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The British withdrew from Ireland with great speed and remarkably little bloodshed.

e of this essay I have taken the view that the process of withdrawal began with William Gladstone's premiership during which the first practical steps were taking by any British government towards end ... ld have resulted in a much easier and less complicated withdrawal. This was most evident during the premiership Asquith. Stephen Koss comments that, 'confrontation need never have occurred if matters ...

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Hamlet As An Elizabethan Revenge Tragedy

: vs Chelsea (a) League Cup 3rd round, 28th October 1992. Lost 1-2.Final appearance: vs Man Utd (a) Premiership, 2nd January 2002. Lost 1-3.Final goal: vs Man Utd (h) Premiership, 15th September 2001. ...

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