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The Legalization of Marijuana

The legalization of marijuana as a prescription drug should be allowed. Medical research shows that marijuana has therapeutic value in ... r for a patient to take it. It would be almost impossible for a person to obtain the drug without a prescription. It is up to the doctor whether or not the patient needs it. The D.E.A. also has fears ...

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The pros of the government legalizing marijuana.

far we have three options on how to deal with marijuana, legalize it, allow it to be used only for prescription drug purposes, or keep it illegal. There are numerous benefits in legalizing marijuana ...

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AmpicillinAmpicillin is a prescription drug used to treat bacterial infections. It is in the Antibiotic/Anti-infective drug fa ... s.Ampicillin affects many different strains of microorganisms. Nowadays, the most common reason for prescription of this drug is for treatment of urinary tract infections. (Columbia Encyclopedia). It ...

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An Analysis of the Pharmaceutical Industry using Porter's Five Force model, PEST, BCG Matrix and predicting future prospects.

marketing and customer relations in comparison to other markets- Sales share of the world's top 75 prescription medicines 2002SourceIMSIndustry Environment AnalysisIn 1997, the $65 billion industry w ... ironment AnalysisIn 1997, the $65 billion industry was composed of three strategic groups: patented prescription drugs, generic prescription drugs and over-the-counter drugs. Firms such as Merck, Smit ...

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Bush and the Medicare Dilemma.

nd benefits that previous Medicare recipients enjoyed. Medicare also does not provide an outpatient prescription drug benefit. Twenty-four percent of Medicare patients have no drug coverage and many m ... dernize Medicare (Medicare+...2003). In this new program Medicare beneficiaries will have access to prescription drugs they need without the government telling them what they can and cannot get. They ...

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Causes of teenagers' drug abuse

Nowadays, one can hardly open a newspaper without seeing on article on drug abuse among teenagers. Sadly as it is, this kind of social evil has driven more and more youngs ... m, lack of parents' attention and influence from bad friends.To begin with, teens often begin using drugs because of low-esteem. This is party a psychological matter since teens are especially sensiti ... red to act properly or have no idea how to "act their age". As a result many of them take refuge in drugs, thinking that this is a way to reduce tensions, to divert worries and above all to enhance pl ...

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Business Ethics Paper with titled "Monitoring Business Ethics in the US Pharmaceutical Industry". Essay analyzes industry using utilitarian theory.

Monitoring Business Ethics in the US Pharmaceutical IndustryIncrease in prices of prescription drugs is an issue that affects every citizen regardless of their age, health, and finan ... e (Barlett & Steele, 2004, p. 44).One of the industry's main goals is to prevent importation of prescription drugs from abroad, which will lower the inflated prices pharmaceutical companies have b ... armaceutical companies have been able to charge in the U.S. 16 What is not being disclosed is that "prescription drugs bought by Americans increasingly are produced in foreign countries... [and] seven ...

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Abortion Research Paper

l, which contains high doses of a hormone used in birth control pills, was approved by the FDA as a prescription drug in 1998. If taken within 72 hours of unprotected intercourse, it prevents 89% of p ...

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Oxycontin A Cursed Cure

A certain prescription drug by the name of Oxycontin was introduced in 1996 as a breakthrough for the treatmen ... s an immediate, heroin - like high. The drug has been the cause in more than 1000 deaths nationwide.Prescription painkillers such as oxycontin now rank second to marijuana as the most - abused drug in ... lth Administration. These findings are what lead me to do a research project on narcotics and other prescription drugs, and the affects they have on today's youth.Upon doing my research project on nar ...

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Ad Analysis Essay: About how pharmaceutical companys market their drugs.

drugs really are. I grew up in an environment where the people around me used drugs. Whether it is prescription drugs or drugs that you can buy over the counter, such as cigarettes. I was surrounded ... lot of children are. For example, like most older people are, my grandmother was on multiple prescription drugs. The prescription drugs that she was taking, were suppose to treat her symptoms, ...

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OxyContin Epidemic

ssignment I chose to write about drugs, more specifically OxyContin and the ongoing problem of this prescription drug being abused. OxyContin is a drug similar to morphine and is prescribed to people ... tin is as intoxicating as heroin. A lot of the OxyContin that is reaching the streets is from bogus prescriptions or is smuggled in from Canada. According to the Canadian Medical Association Journal t ...

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Steroids are a much ignored, much misused prescription drug. This may be due in part to the selected population generally found to abuse and m ... s available in tablet form or by being given an injection of the drug. Legally, a person requires a prescription to obtain the drug for personal/professional use by a medical doctor. Other ways are wi ...

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Legalizing Marijuana

f the drug to those who are using it for medicinal purposes, rather than personal use. It also as a prescription drug serves as a source of income for the government. The negative side of this means t ... nt. The negative side of this means that doctors may become part of the black market by handing out prescriptions to those who want it rather than those who need it(USASK pg. 1). The negative side of ...

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Exemplification Essay: Sueing

boundaries of what medical condition is worthy to receive reparation. Currently the manufactures of prescription drug Vixxo are being sued for wrongful deaths and pain and Exemplification Essay ...

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type of depressant called a barbiturate may be the most commonly misused. Because barbiturates are prescription drugs, and usually prescribed for people who went through or are going through rough em ... upper class'. The price and availability of barbiturates make them one of the most commonly misused prescription drugs on the market. The most common way people take barbiturates is through a p ...

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Should Medical Marijuana Be Legalized?

. Legalization of marijuana would reduce the sales in the black market. ?The sale of Marijuana as a prescription drug serves as a source of income for the government.? (Leighann, Hedman.) Thus pulling ...

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Click and Brick

eb presence leading to a new manifestation called "click-and-brick" establishments. Online sales of prescription drugs are growing. Due to low prices, convenience, less restrictions, and more selectio ... ies have generated disagreements. Some sites use cyber doctors. While others give out drugs without prescriptions and some, allow customers to import prescription medications. The following is a SWOTT ...

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Americas' Prescription Drug Crisis

n-day society is virtually inundated with hundreds, if not thousands of advertisements that feature prescription drug cures for various symptoms or illnesses. The privately owned, mega-drug companies ... orate drug companies’ main objective is to make as much profit as humanly possible; all at the prescription drug consumers’ expense. Citizens must mobilize at the community level and pressur ...

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Employee Benefits

.II.Medical Insurance, dependent care.III.Long term care benefits such as: vision, hearing, dental, Prescription drug etc.IV.Accidental Death or dismemberment pay.These benefits are supplied by the or ...

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Nurse Practice Act

ractices, policies, and procedures; (F) the requesting, receiving, signing for, and distribution of prescription drug samples to patients at sites in which a registered nurse is authorized to sign pre ...

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