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How Bob Dole Could Have Won The Election Of 1996

d have to present some exciting new ideas to win over the American people.Throughout the history of presidential elections, there have been a few issues that always appear: abortion, crime and the eco ... be done. The American public has grown very wary of the excess money being spent by government. Any presidential hopeful must address this issue adamantly. Clinton took many steps early in his first t ...

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Dual Executive - An examination of how the media indirectly controls the government.

United States president depends largely on television news coverage. Aware of this, presidents and presidential candidates manipulate the media to create favorable impressions of themselves and their ... ess has gained increased control over the president's actions and largely determines the outcome of presidential elections.American faith in the president as a bold leader who placed national good abo ...

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Compulsory Voting.

onal elections.The percentage of the voting age population (VAP) that turned out to vote in nationalpresidential elections has declined from 63.06% in 1960 to 51.3% in 2000 (Federal ElectionCommission ... rom the 1960s (Center for Voting and Democracy). Since 1924, the percentage ofthe VAP that voted in presidential elections has hovered somewhere around 50% (FederalElectoral Commission). Moreover, the ...

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The Electoral College.

but lose in theElectoral College voting, this happened 3 times in the 19th century, but also in the presidential elections of 2000. Although Goregained nearly half a million more votes than Bush he di ... not anticipate the emergence of nationalpolitical parties or a communications network able to bring presidential candidates before the entire electorate. To a certain degreeit is like writing letters ...

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The US Presdential Election.

I was contemplating the 2000 Presidential elections the other day, and I asked myself how the one candidate lost by receiving ove ...

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1944 U.S. Presidential Election.

Franklin D. Roosevelt had won the past three presidential elections and he wasn't going to stop there. For the previous twelve years of his presi ... s picked because he was quick to agree with all of FDR's plans. So the ballots were set: Republican presidential candidate Thomas Dewey with running mate John Bricker, and Democratic presidential cand ...

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Electoral college. a persuasive essay on reasons why the electoral college should be changed.

ing for the president? Not you. We live in a society where your votedoesn't directly count during a presidential election. This is due to an antiquatedsystem called the electoral college. The electora ... tly. This was done so that "popular passion," wouldn't factor in as much.Basically they didn't want presidential campaigns to become purely advertisementcampaigns. (third party times)But there are a f ...

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Explain why voter turnout has been declining in the past half of the century and why voter turnout in presidential years is higher than that in midterm elections.

r turnout in federal elections. It has also been observed that the voter turnout has been higher in presidential elections than in midterm elections. The main factors of the declines are the citizens' ... e public attitudes and the widespread political "apathy". On the other hand, the difference between presidential and midterm election voter turnout was caused by what I call the "media effect", which ...

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Superficial Needs: The Significance of Money on Presidential Elections

tion: exactly what role does money play in the election of the president? The reality is that while presidential elections today rely on money to a considerable extent, money does not necessarily dete ... ine the final outcome of elections. More specifically, as time has progressed, the role of money in presidential elections has gone on a general decline, and other factors, such as the understanding o ...

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Notes for Government and Politics Chapter 1 Politics: Setting the Stage

se a new system of voting in primaries that might have led to a different set of candidate for most presidential elections, study the spread of welfare reforms across the states, study why democracies ...

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sing Prayer in Public SchoolThe government announced in April 2003 that there will no longer be presidential elections and President Bush shall remain president until his death! Yet, as profound ...

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The Election of 1876

The election of 1876 was one of the most controversial presidential elections in the history of the United States of America, second only to that of 2001. ... athetic for freedmen and poor white) democratic administrations.Into this situation entered the two presidential candidates, Samuel Tilden and Rutherford Hayes. The first results on election day indic ... n be completely withdrawn from the southern states and that a member of the party be placed in some presidential office.With this compromise in place Hayes, with a grand total of 185 electoral votes, ...

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The Electoral College

ut lose in the Electoral College voting, this happened 3 times in the 19th century, but also in the presidential elections of 2000. Although Gore gained nearly half a million more votes than Bush he d ... ot anticipate the emergence of national political parties or a communications network able to bring presidential candidates before the entire electorate. To a certain degree it is like writing letters ...

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Article Review A House and Senate Divided: The Clinton Legacy and Congressional Elections of 2000

he different regions and different types of citizens align themselves with a party. The 2000 presidential elections saw the growing precedence of the close partisan balance. This balance caused ... This balance that has formed in the House and Senate was indicative of how the states voted in the presidential election. Bush won twenty-five of the twenty-six states in the South, Plains, and Mount ...

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A Case for Direct Presidential Elections ---It is written from the POV of a congressman who must vote for or against a constitutional amendment for direct elections.

A Case for Direct Presidential ElectionsThe Electoral College is a potentially problematic system that should be amend ... ata from my district shows that a majority of my constituents want the Constitution amended to make presidential elections direct. These data show that I probably have some support to begin collecting ... ral voice.The arguments above present a clear case in favor of the Constitutional amendment to make presidential elections direct. I showed my constituency that I had good reason to vote in favor of t ...

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George W. Bush vs. Al Gore

There are many things that can be said about the 2000 presidential elections. People, places, thoughts and party lines, never before has the United states ... broke the record for the most money spent in an election, over 500 million dollars.There were three presidential debates, the first in Boston on October 3rd , the second in Winston-Salem, NC on Octobe ... t one in St. Luis, on October 17th. There were a total of three debates, which was really low for a presidential race. There was only one Vice President debate in the whole campaign. The debates mostl ...

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The Decisions between Hoover and Roosevelt during the Depression

wages, and a huge gap was between the rich and the poor.Before any of this even happened there were presidential elections. The two candidates running were as Republican Herbert Hoover and as Democrat ...

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Ralph nader and why he is a better candidate than bush or Kerry

coming up so soon we are all hearing and seeing plenty of political advertisements for the upcoming presidential elections, trying to persuade us that they will be the best president... How do you rea ... be that Gore just plainly put up a pathetic campaign all together and performed horrendously in the presidential debates? Ahh yes Tony and although you blame the loss of the election on Nader, what ab ...

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How Far Do We Go To Increase Voter turnout?

to politics. Out of twenty-one democracies, the United States placed twentieth in voter turnout for presidential elections. Only Switzerland has lower voter turnout than in the United States.The truth ... out than in the United States.The truth remains that only about 50 percent of Americans vote in the presidential election; a third of Americans vote in midterm congressional elections. Voter turnout i ...

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Are 3rd Parties doomed to failure?

Third parties rarely win in presidential elections because the Republican and Democratic parties have long dominated the America ... issues to affecting real change in government policy. For example, Ralph Nader in 2000 entered the Presidential race in Spring 2000 claiming that his economic policies could solve the deficit problem ... head in the polls at first and this caused the Democrat Party to adopt his policy.While Third Party presidential candidates stand little chance of being elected, members of America's third parties hav ...

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