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The UK Press Complaints System and some cases which have had a bearing in their restructure

Table of ContentsTABLE OF CONTENTS2CHAPTER 13What is the Press Complaints Commission's Code of Practice?3CHAPTER 210What is the Complaints Procedure10CHAPTER ... y Law by the back door.14CHAPTER 914My own conclusions!14CHAPTER 1015Appendix15Chapter 1What is the Press Complaints Commission's Code of Practice?The PCC's Code of Practice is a body that has been se ... ing that Newspapers adhere to a given set of rules and stick to them, or in the PCC's own words;The Press Complaints Commission is charged with enforcing the following Code of Practice which was frame ...

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Why is privacy probably one of the most difficult ethical area for journalists to define?

te in Britain."It [privacy] is certainly the issue that has underlined all the major debates on the press in the last ten years or so."Firstly, let me look at what privacy actually means. It is accept ... wever, Article 10 gives another cause for breach of privacy:"Everyone has the right to freedom of expression."This means that journalists are allowed to express opinions on other people's lives. This ...

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