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Racial Profiling . A excellent Arguement paper giving good examples of racial profiling .

xicated) refers to the commonly employed police practice of using an alleged traffic violation as a pretext to stop any black or Hispanic motorist they suspect of being involved in criminal activity u ...

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Vlad Dracula, Vlad the impaler, Vlad tepes

s novel, is definitely less known. The centennial of the gothic masterpiece provides us with a good pretext to dive back into the life of this machiavellian fifteenth century leader - an initiative th ...

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The Civil Rights movement .

The Civil Rights movement ironically has the pretext of promoting justice and equality; however, in recent years the once so-called 'Oppressors' ...

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"Torture" by: Michael Levin and Cesare Bonesana Comparison of two opposing perceptions of torture in society.

lty consecrated among most nations by custom is the torture of the accused during his trial, on the pretext of compelling him to confess his crime, of clearing up contradictions in his statements, of ...

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The United States of America is a rogue state. It is the most powerful outlaw state the world has ever known. Discuss.

escription was Panama, then under the rule of Manuel Noriega. Noriega's connection to drugs was the pretext for a December 1989 invasion by the United States military. The concept of the 'rogue state' ... nd chemical weaponry by a rogue state has emerged as America's primary defensive preoccupation. The pretext for the last invasion of Iraq was the controversial presence of these weapons. However the t ...

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Julius Caesar's use of amicitia to advance his politcal career

hing himself as a political force to be considered - his manoeuvering early in his career setting a pretext for what was to come.One of Caesar's first significant moves was in his support of Pompey's ...

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What was the immediate damage of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus of 1974 to the island?

cted government of Cyprus was planned by the ruling military junta of Greece. Turkey used that as a pretext to invade the island on the 20 July of the same year . The Turks occupied 35% of the island' ...

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What did Louis XIV hope to accomplish in his domestic and foreign policies?

however, I believe that mainly his motives were purely defensive. The war of Devolution served as a pretext which nettled him part of Flanders, although the Dutch then moved against him with the Tripl ...

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The concerns of continuing female genital mutilation practices.

itary in this procedure, more so than in rural setting. "The procedure is often performed under the pretext of illness and often takes place early in the morning or late at night to avoid possible det ...

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How did the Corfu incident affect the outbreak of World War II?

o demands, especially the second one. Mussolini used Greek's failure to accomplish his demands as a pretext and sent Italian navies to invade and conquer Corfu, an island between Greece and Albania, o ...

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brings economic class differences blatantly out in the open and most importantly acts as a perfect pretext for the businesses to create hype and sell their products.You would be forgiven for thinking ...

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What are the "crimes" committed in "The Scarlet Letter" by Nathaniel Hawthorne and how are they punished? In your opinion, how "just" are these punishments?

s his identity, presumably to hide his shame. He then visits her in her brief stay in prison, under pretext that he is a doctor. Roger demands to know the name of Pearl’s father but Hester refuse ...

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In the texts you have studied this year have you found that criminals have received a fair punishment? Refer to at least two texts in your answer.

ge just as Hester is being publicly disgraced. He conceals his identity and visits Hester under the pretext of being a doctor. However she refuses to name her lover, to him or the jury, and Roger star ...

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Alice In Wonderland

ertains no less now than when it was first written. It's characters bring no message, moral or deep pretext. They only bring innocent words and thoughts designed to entertain. The only ulterior motive ...

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Religious Truth

eligion in the world and employs the bible as its means of proving other religions wrong, using the pretext that the bible speaks truth. And yet even within a religion that is supposed to be based on ...

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Abortion And Euthanasia

rowth. It would never have been made human if it were not human already"."…. Never under any pretext, may an abortion be resorted, either by a family or by the political authority, as a legitim ...

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The Problem Of Racial Profiling

or failure of the driver or passengers to wear a seatbelt. This would have given police yet another pretext for stopping motor vehicles, thus reducing the privacy rights of drivers and exacerbating ra ...

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a young price who much ascertain the truth regarding his father?s death. Hamlet is faced with much pretext throughout his attempts to do so. Shakespeare?s usage of appearances, revenge, and deception ...

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it's just a thought.Perhaps it is an aftereffect of consciousness that humans have always sought a pretext for their existence, a conjunction of essence and physics that will ring true with the remai ...

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Muawiya's claim to caliphate was due to his lust for power, status and personal gain. Discuss.

ver, historians such as Kennedy, tend to agree with the Shia view, "treating this claim as a feeble pretext for his actions." The Shia especially tends to disgrace and humiliate Muawiya, vilifying him ...

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