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How unfair the justice system is in regards to race and the results of it.

ly associated with the thought of crime, even though they account for 70% of arrests and 40% of the prison population each year (Russel xiv). This seems to be overlooked, though, when people consider ... a result, African-Americans make up about 12% of the general population, but more than half of the prison population (Cole 4). With so much injustice being done to minorities in general, how can you ...

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THis essay is about American Prison Reform, the many changes, as well as both sides of the issue- DOes it need to be reformed? It also concludes and solves the issue.

nal Justice, p. 209) While this may be anything from a fine to incarceration, in the past century imprisonment has been the favored option. During the 1960's and 70's when there was little emphasis on ... emphasis on the prison system and incarceration, crime rates soared. Yet by the mid-1970's when the prison population increased along with the number of sentences given, crime rates dropped dramatical ...

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Are official statistics a reliable source of information about crime in Britain?

ds. In fact the majority of all offences are made up of crimes against property.The majority of the prison population of the United Kingdom consists of young males, ethnic minorities and those from un ... corded by the police. The amount of money and resources available to the police, the courts and the prison service has to be taken into account before deciding which crimes to act upon. Only recorded ...

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Convict Life and Punishments in Australia

poverty line to the cities. This created a new underclass dependent on crime which resulted in the prisons overflowing. In 1787 the British government urgently needed a solution to the problems of th ... solution to the problems of the growing prison population. They came up with a solution to send the prisoners to Botany Bay, Australia. It wasn't the ideal choice as the place had only been glimpsed o ...

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Examine the relationship between drug abuse and crime.

IntroductionFor the past decade the prison population has slowly increased while at the same time crime rates have fallen. This is no lo ...

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f dollars. The U.S. "correctional" population is at a record high. During the past two decades, the prison population has grown more rapidly than at any noted time in history. This growth resulted in ... e massive new prison expansion program, which was implemented in order to deal with overcrowding in prisons. The present day role of our prison system is one of deterrence. By being "tough on crime" w ...

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Minorities vs. The Criminal Justice System

r many years. According to the British Broadcasting Corporation World News, "the number of people imprisoned in the United States is at record levels and will exceed two million by the end of [2001].. ... million by the end of [2001]..." ("US Prison Pop...."). The United States has, "25% of the world's prisoners but we're only 5% of the world's population" ("US Prison Pop...."). In April of 2003, BBC ...

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Antisocial Personality Disorder and Understanding Criminal Behavior

dies show that APD is a strong predictor of criminal activity and is exhibited frequently among the prison population (up to 50%), according to the Public Health Agency of Canada (2002). It follows th ... definition as well as the statistical finding that APD is found in a rather large percentage of the prison population suggests that APD is the crucial cause of a broad range of criminal behaviors. A t ...

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Oklahoma Prisons

Oklahoma prison population has grown 79% under Governor Keating's administration due to the repeal of the Cap ... n due to the repeal of the Cap Law and the suspension of the Truth in the Sentencing Bill. Oklahoma prisoner statistics are astonishing when broken down into violent and non-violent, female and male, ... onomics would be effective if used for rehabilitation facilities or drug courts rather than private prisons for non-violent offenders.        Cries of injustice and inhumanity echo t ...

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Private Prisons

Oct. 18, 2001 Thesis Private prisons can be a profitable and secure alternative to government run Statement prisons. Private pris ... ny issues that we must face. One of those issues is the administration of the, already overcrowded, prison system. This issue is one of the most taxing problems facing our criminal justice system. Acc ... riminal justice system. According to U.S. Department of Justice's Bureau of Justice Statistics, the prison population at year-end 2000, there were 1,381,892 men and women in State or Federal prison (U ...

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The Forgotten (Persuasive essay for prison education)

ecomes intolerable. This is true when it comes to thinking about those that we put behind bars. The prison system is only brought to the forefront when they become overpopulated and it's time to creat ... . Every couple of years this issue comes up and always the same solution is proposed. Building more prisons will only exacerbate the problem in the end, due to the ineffectiveness of prisons. While th ...

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Paroles cause and Effect on California

ts everyone in this state and in any other state.“In the state of California there are 173,000 prisoners sleeping in gyms, dayrooms and classrooms – and state prison facilities will likely r ... ce by this time next year. California has the highest recidivism rate in the country: 70 percent of prisoners are re-imprisoned within three years” (Bailey and Hayes).The state builds more prison ...

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Dropping Out

ol, he or she could end up in quite a mess. Statistics show that, "dropouts make up nearly half the prison population." This means that more dropouts equals more crime, the last thing America needs. ...

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Prison Overcrowding

Prison overcrowding is one of the largest problems facing the American criminal justice system today ... ars in the United States (Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics, 2003). The exploding prison population has been propelled by public policy changes that have increased the use of prison ... n the availability of parole or early release, and the ?War on Drugs? campaign. The overcrowding of prisons has many negative effects on prisoners. Because the experts do not agree on how to solve the ...

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Prison is Getting us Nowhere

ne of the fastest growing items in state budgets during the 1990's. It cost nearly $40 billion to imprison approximately two million state and local inmates in 2000, up from $5 billion in combined pri ... that was spent on the incarceration of nonviolent offenders. The 1990's were witness to the largest prison population increase in U.S. history, prison populations have stretched state budgets extremel ...

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Political Environment Case Study Analysis

ch of those groups would also publicly support changes in criminal sentencing that would reduce the prison population? Identify the stakeholder groups or individuals who benefit from funding the depar ... ify the stakeholder groups or individuals who benefit from funding the department of corrections or prison construction.The groups that would assist with supporting a reduction in funding for the stat ...

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Political Environment Case Study Analysis

states governor and his party's legislature being placed in a difficult position. The cost of rapid prison construction of the last decade had sneaked up on the policy makers and become a central issu ... jor changes had to be made to the state's correctional facilities. The state's budget allocated for prison funds went from 1.7 percent to 15 percent and was projected to rise substantially in the futu ...

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Budget article Analysis

ople in jail today than there were 50 years ago. “One in every 100 adults in America is in jail or prison (Riordan, 2008, p. 01)”. This fact has a huge impact on many state budgets thus negating a g ... is a good description of this nationwide problem. This paper will introduce and explain what makes prison populations grow and the costs associated with such a rise. Lastly, this paper will interpret ...

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The Underground Economy

Prison expansion in the United States continues as new prisons today, and in the past have been cons ... riminals to serve at least 85% of their sentences, combined with America's "War on Drugs" to fuel a prison population increase of unprecedented proportions. (Marvell & Moody, 2001) Ironically, the ... system. Without the incarceration of certain large groups of low-level drug offenders, much of the prison expansion would have been unnecessary. (Blumstien, 1988) During a span of 13 years from 1985 ...

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The Cost of Illegal Immigration

lly. Illegal immigrants from Mexico have also begun to make up a significant percentage of the U.S. prison population. Without decisive action to reduce the amount of illegal immigration from Mexico, ... were made in conjunction with immigrant smuggling or drug trafficking. 12.4 percent of California's prison population is comprised of illegal immigrants. (Unknown, 2010)It is clearly apparent that sec ...

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