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The Birth of a Brand Brand development in the detergent market in Serbia. Essay is good for using it as a guidline for structuring a marketing communications plan

EXECUTIVE SUMMARYThe product development of Talas Ekonomic was a long and hard process as well as an exciting one. It sta ... as an exciting one. It started from market research and went through all of the textbook phases of product development. The initial investment in the project was 3.75 million Euros and 270000 Euros i ... r, since it has been on the market for less than a year it is too early to asses the success of the product. The name of the product and the design of the package were chosen after market research stu ...

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Service Added Based Differentiation.

developed markets, there is a mature set of players with comparable levels of strengths in terms of product development--hence all product offerings tend towards parity. Consumer tastes are also well ... -hence all product offerings tend towards parity. Consumer tastes are also well defined. Therefore, product offerings need to go beyond satisfying basic needs.In order to appeal to the higher order ne ...

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Definitons of key terms in business studies...

ng - The business function that aims to link the business to the customer and aims to get the right product to the right place at the right time.*Market Segment - A part of the market for a product ma ... sale to the public.*Strategy - A long-term plan of action, aiming to achieve a specific objective.*Product Development - Aiming to meet marketing objectives by designing and developing new products o ...

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Ansoff matrix

strategic choices to achieve the objectives. There are four main categories for selection.Ansoff's Product/Market MatrixMarket PenetrationHere we market our existing products to our existing customer ... roducts to our existing customers. This means increasing our revenue by, for example, promoting the product, repositioning the brand, and so on. However, the product is not altered and we do not seek ...

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AucScan, Inc. Case Study

he Organizational Development department over the coming year. This company is trying to find a new product based on their technology, a retinal scanning system, because revenues have been dropping. T ... ystem, because revenues have been dropping. Two members of the management team have suggested a new product for a new market, but the manager of Product Development has refused to cooperate. This pape ...

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IBM and the PC

.The reason the smaller, partly independent team seems to be a successful approach: Computer-product development. Particular software development.What makes a good programmer, a good pro ... he customers would like What different features will cost in terms of time How long a product will take to complete What will happen if it is late?________________________________ ...

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An explanation of marketing and what it means

will cover factors, which will explain marketing and also how businesses use marketing to aid their product development.Also in this essay I am going to be writing about the marketing concept, I will ... ll satisfy individual and organisational objectives".This can be simplified as the 4p's, which are: product, price, place, and promotionA business needs to identify a product or service.From extensive ...

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YMGMT 810November 4, 2004CIMENTRICS TECHNOLOGYCimentrics technology uses a geographically dispersed product development model. There are two software teams in two different cities of Russia, with a ma ... ated manufacturing (the name Cimentrics comes from here), initially there was little marked for the products Cimentrics made but with some unexpected change in the marked Cimentrics products started t ...

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Project Dreamcast: Serious Play at Sega Enterprises Ltd.

1- Describe the challenge faced by Sega in the context of 3-D CE; what must they do in product development, process development, and supply chain development.Challenges faced by Sega can ... ties at a low price as the consumer is highly sensitive to the price. Thus providing such a quality product to a price sensitive consumer is a big challenge to overcome. Games developmento ... us a big challenge for Sega is to convince many software houses to develop games for its unreleased products to be ready once the product is in the market.o Another challenge in relation to so ...

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Diversity in Teams

employees can create better performance when it comes to out-of-the-ordinary creative tasks such as product development or cracking new markets, and managers have been trying to increase diversity to ...

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Marketing mix.

Marketing mix consist of four elements: products, place, price, and promotion. The goal of marketing mix is to make decisions that center th ... marketing mix is to make decisions that center these four elements in order to create an integrated product/service offering to customers that satisfies their needs and wants. Marketing mix is very im ... ortant in making marketing strategies to targeted markets.The first element of marketing mix is the products, what is the actual product or service that the organization is offering to its customers o ...

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GAP INC, A Case Study

Inc. is a leading international specialty retailer offering clothing, accessories and personal care products for men, women, children and babies under the Gap, Banana Republic, and Old Navy brand name ... GapKids, BabyGap, and GapBody. There are worldwide Gap headquarters in the San Francisco Bay Area, product development offices in New York City and distribution operations and offices coordinating so ...

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Purina Campaign Plan

he advancement of pet care and pet nutrition than any other company in the world, from research and product development, to the support of local pet care initiatives and national events. At Purina, yo ... wareness within the UK* A value share increase in grocery total coverage of 2% in each of the three product areas1. Bakers Complete2. Felix3. Winalot TreatsThis is to cover the campaign time period of ...

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Case study: Dell

Product development at dell1.What is Dell's business model? How is it different from its competitors ... ystem, which help customers diagnose and solve problems themselves 91% of the time.(2) Dell assured product quality by extensively pre-testing all the configuration options it offered. From hardware, ... the line.(3) Dell has smaller inventory, which allowed new technologies to be adopted quicker, and product development cycled to move faster. And Dell also created close, coordinated relationships wi ...

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Boeing 767: Case Study

The aerospace industry differs from almost all other industry in the huge costs incurred at the product development level as well as the product manufacturing level. A single airplane will have a ... s allow little flexibility and the harsh procedures add to the costs of development and testing.The production and assembly costs are also considerably huge, usually there are more than a few manufact ...

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Product Life Cycle and New Product Pricing and Mix Product Pricing Strategy

Product Life Cycle StrategiesProduct, which is "anything that is capable of satisfying customers nee ... of satisfying customers needs". Every product have a "life cycle" which similar as living organism, product will growth, become mature and decline. The stages of product's development, called "Product ... ages of product's development, called "Product Life Cycle".Product Life Cycle included five stages: Product Development, Introduction, Growth, Maturity and Decline.Real market situation1. Introduction ...

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Marketing Plan - Phase 1

ce Street has one of the industry's largest and most comprehensive carpet manufacturing facilities. Product development and manufacturing work hand in hand at the mill, which is virtually unheard of i ... . Having a certified quality lab enables management to exercise quality control over all aspects of production to ensure sustainable manufacturing.Sustainable manufacturing is a driving force at Bentl ...

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Adaptive marketing

Adaptive Marketing process in which the marketer continually revises the product offering to satisfy individual customer demands. Advertiser A person or organization, that i ... communication efforts so they send a consistent, persuasive message to target. Mass customization A product development process that relies on flexible manufacturing to customize products for select m ... ad message to target audiences. Target market The market segments that the marketer wants to sell a product too. Unique selling proposition (USP) A benefit statement about a feature that is both uniqu ...

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Rolltronics - Case Study

king and other dependant industries. The IT industry is known to be a trend setter when it comes to product development, cost effective manufacturing and marketing techniques adopted to penetrate the ... be noted that a life cycle can undergo another S-curve because of an innovation in the industry or product. With the introduction of innovative products in the PC industry with competitive styles and ...

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Business Plan Design Company

Table of ContentsI. Table of Contents 3II. Executive Summary 3III. General Company Description 3IV. Products and Services 3V. Marketing Plan 3VI. Operational Plan 3VII. Management and Organization 3VI ... th an emphisis on marketing, we offer our clients a commitment that includes prospecting for ideas, product development, marketing research, and assistance in obtaining clientsWrite this section last. ...

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