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In this text we will predict how education will evolve, how it might turn out in the next 100 years.

and PDA's, and we will have solved the fossil fuel crisis since someone will discover a new form of propulsion much cleaner and efficient than gasoline.Education will most likely take on a new shape a ...

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Internal Conbustion Engine

ngine and the Gas-turbine engine.In general, the internal combustion engine has become the means of propulsion in the transportation field, with the exception of large ships requiring over 4,000 shaft ... ficiency of 52 percent and higher are being put into service. Gas turbines have been applied to the propulsion of ships and railroad locomotives. A modified form of gas turbine, the turbojet, is used ...

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This essay is on Magneticly Levitated Trains.... It explains basicly how they work as well as how they have a future in transportation because they are very efficiant.

in Germany and Japan (the 2 major testing facilities) (4).There are 2 main types of levitation and propulsion which I will explain in this essay, (EMS) Electromagnetic Suspension and ( EDS) Electrody ... d the train repulse each other keeping the train about 5 to 6 inches above the guideway. [(9)(6)(1)]PropulsionThe same principle that keeps the MagLev train in the air with the levitation system, move ...

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The High-Speed rail and the TGV

s with and then the French . The French were experimenting into new techniques like gas turbine for propulsion. In 1972, an early prototype of the TGV powered by gas-turbine was being tested and reach ...

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Basic physics of rowing

Basic Physics of Rowing1. Propulsion2. Resistance3. Kinetic Energy4. Centre of Mass5. Speed Variation6. Balance7. Levers8. Gea ... Centre of Mass5. Speed Variation6. Balance7. Levers8. Gearing9. Appendix: Newton's Laws of Motion1. PropulsionA boat accelerates through the action/reaction principle (Newton's 3rd Law). You move wate ...

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A- level Physics coursework on rowing

Physics CourseworkPhysics of rowingPropulsionA boat accelerates through the action/reaction principle (Newton's third law). You move wa ...

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Satellites and Sputnik

nto space. It holds all the satellite's parts together and provides electrical power,computers, and propulsion to the spacecraft. The bus also contains equipment that allows the satellite to communica ...

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il.One of the main reasons that fossil fuels are extracted from the earth is to provide oil for the propulsion of transportation vehicles. Scientist and researchers realized that oil is unnecessary to ...

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Observation on Chordates

y different looking skates and rays.The fins of sharks are used for stabilizing, steering, lift and propulsion. Each of the fins are used in a different manner. There are one or two fins present along ...

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Effects of Podded Propulsion Bearing Failure

Executive Summary:Introduction:Podded propulsion drives have become more and more popular within the maritime industry especially within t ... d more popular within the maritime industry especially within the cruise industry. The first podded propulsion systems were implemented in early 1990s. Podded propulsion systems can generally provide ... relative to the primary power plant of the vessel. However, since the implementation of the podded propulsion systems aboard cruise vessels, there have been significant malfunctions and failures of t ...

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“Can Machines Be Conscious?”

he consummation of another material; for example, fuel is what our car engines consume to mechanize propulsion. From the point of view of Christof Koch and Giulio Tononi, Authors of "Can Machines Be C ...

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