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This is a essay arguing the points of legalization of protitution. It explains why it should be legalized, and has a breif histroy on the topic.

Prostitution has been called "the world's oldest profession". It has also been said that prostitutio ... n". It has also been said that prostitution is as old as the world. In the simplest of definitions, prostitution is nothing but a contract between consenting people. This contract is for one or more i ... ange for payment. It has also been observed between animals; in chimpanzees and in penguins. Prostitution used to be quite common in the upper classes of more traditional societies, like tradit ...

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Prostitution should be Legal

McAndrew 7Works Cited"The Case for Legalized Prostitution." Freedom Daily. Dec. 1993. TheFuture of Freedom Foundation. 26 Apr. 2007. <http://w ... . Working: My Life as a Prostitute. New York: TrafalgerSquare Publishing, 1997."The Legalization of Prostitution." Progressive U. 10 Nov. 2006. 26 Apr.2007. < ... 6 Apr.2007. <>."Legalizing Prostitution." Progressive U. 4 Nov. 2007. 26 Apr. 2007.< ...

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Prostitution: What corner would you stand on?

Nelson_Tasha_Week11Prostitution 1Prostitution: What corner would you stand on?Tasha NelsonProstitution 2"Writing is lik ... ostitution. First you do it for love, and then for a few close friends, and then for money." MoliereProstitution is known as the oldest profession known to man. The profession dates back to 18th centu ... o city, county, state and federal laws. There are several of our constitutional laws that relate to prostitution and let one decide, what corner one would choose to stand on.Dated back in 18th century ...

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