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Cell Division- Mitosis

ific point chemicals called cyclins begin the cell division process.What are chromosomes?They are a protein structure that contain DNA (genetic information)Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes or 46 in ...

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Biology HSC Notes - Maintaining a Balance

that body temperatures do not have to be so high.Chemical CompositionEnzymes are specialised large proteins, which are composed of chains of amino acids, which are folded, to produce a 3-D protein st ... e: Pepsin (protease found in stomach)Substrate: Egg whiteIn four test tubes: all contain pepsin and protein. One also contains sodium hydroxide (base), another hydrochloric acid and another water. The ...

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General Features of Protiens

A protein is a unique three dimensional biological polymer constructed from 20 different monomers call ... e glycine, alanine, valine, leucine etc. There are three structural levels in the conformation of a protein called primary, secondary, and tertiary structure. Primary structure is the unique genetical ... tiary structure. Primary structure is the unique genetically coded sequence of amino acids within a protein. Amino acids are bonded by peptide bond which links the amino group of one amino acid with t ...

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Tests for various biological molecules and their properties

The Various Biological Molecules1. ProteinStructure:The protein is a complex, high-molecular-weight compound organic compound made up o ... cular-weight compound organic compound made up of amino acids joined by peptide bonds.Function:Many proteins are enzymes or subunits of enzymes, catalyzing chemical reactions. Some other proteins form ... g chemical reactions. Some other proteins form the struts and joints of cytoskeleton. Many membrane proteins function as binding proteins for cell to cell adhesion, transport, signal molecules and for ...

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Introduction to various biological molecules

1. ProteinStructureThere are a total of 4 types of protein structures. Primary protein structure ... protein structures. Primary protein structureo Chain of amino acid Secondary protein structureo Occurs when the sequence of amino acids are linked together by hydrogen b ... Occurs when the sequence of amino acids are linked together by hydrogen bonds Tertiary protein structureo Occurs when certain attraction are present between alpha helices and plea ...

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Biology AT1 'rate Of Reaction' Planing And Obtaining

lase and starch to test the effect of concentration on a substrate.The enzyme amylase has a certain protein structure meaning it can only link with starch much like puzzle boards only have certain pei ...

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Francis Crick and His Contribution to Biology

the medical research unit at Cavendish Laboratory, Crick worked with Max Perutz and John Kendrew on protein structure. His pursuit of doctoral research under Max Perutz on the determination of protein ... earch into the genetic control of essential biological processes, most importantly the synthesis of proteins"(1). His discovery "marked a milestone in the history of science and gave rise to modern mo ...

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IntroductionProteins are polypeptides, which are made up of many amino acids linked together as a linear chain. ... temporary dipoles, ionic interactions between charged groups, and attractions between polar groups.Proteins form the very basis of life. They regulate a variety of activities in all known organisms, ... lly responsible for regulating the cellular machinery and determining the phenotype of an organism. Proteins accomplish their task in the body by three-dimensional tertiary and quaternary interactions ...

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Structure and two functions of proteinsIntroductionProteins are divided into two groups, animal proteins and plant proteins they ar ... ins they are polymers and are found in every living thing with its shape defining its function. The protein shape is categorised as either globulous protein or fibrous protein. They consist of chains ... or fibrous protein. They consist of chains of small molecules called amino acid which determine the protein structure and therefore its function. Proteins can be either Fibrous which is when the prote ...

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