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The Threat of Nuclear Weapons

he splitting of atomic nuclei. This happens when a neutroncollides with the nucleus of an atom. The protons in the nucleus are transformed into a great amount of energyand two or three more neutrons a ...

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Nuclear Fusion

clear reactions occur when a proton is accelerated and collideswith another proton and then the two protons fuse, forming a deuteriumnucleus which has a proton, neutrino and lots of energy. I have no ...

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Electric Charge and the Electrical Structure of Matter

d atoms.2. Electric charges are carried by particles within each atom that are called electrons and protons.3. Protons are found in a small central region of the atom, called the nucleus. They are sma ... de to that of the proton.5. Atoms are normally electrically neutral, because the number of positive protons in the nucleus is equal to the number of negative electrons moving around the nucleus.6. Neu ...

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table of the elements. It has a mass of roughly 131 atomic mass units. There are 77 neutrons and 54 protons in the nucleus of the atom. The symbol for xenon is Xe and it belongs to the family of eleme ...

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Tungsten (the element).

periodic table to the right of Tantalum. Tungsten is an element with obviously 74 electrons and 74 protons. The amount or neutrons in this element total one-hundred-ten. Like all other elements there ...

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This is a full report on elemental Mercury.

Mercury holds the 80th spot on the Periodic Table. It has 80 protons, 80 electrons, and 121 neutrons in a neutral atom. It is in the 6th period, and the 12th gro ...

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This is a full report on elemental Mercury.

Mercury holds the 80th spot on the Periodic Table. It has 80 protons, 80 electrons, and 121 neutrons in a neutral atom. It is in the 6th period, and the 12th gro ...

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Chemical Properties of the element Barium

oup, Barium has an atomic number of 56 and has an atomic mass of 137.327. The mass is made up of 56 protons and 81 neutrons. There are 6 energy levels of electrons that total 56 and have the S, P, and ...

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Anti-Matter: An essay on it's research and properties

tter has positively charged electrons - positrons - orbiting a nuclei with a negative charge - anti-protons. Only anti-protons and positrons are able to be produced at this time, but scientists in Swi ... device called the LEAR (low energy anti-proton ring) in an attempt to slow the velocity of the anti-protons to a billionth of their normal speeds. The slowing of the anti-protons and positrons, which ...

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Element: Arsenic essay written as auto-biography. Simple.

My name is Arsenic. I have 33 protons; you can see me on the right side of the periodic table of the elements. In the year 1250 I ...

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History Of Titanium

an chemist, Martin Kloproth.WHAT IS TITANIUM?Titanium has an atomic number of 22, meaning it has 22 protons, 22 neutrons and 22 electrons.Titanium is a hard, silvery-grey metallic element.It is a tran ...

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Chemistry 10 Study Notes for Matter and Bonding / Bond Types.

q) = aqueous Electrons (-) charge Atomic # Usually come in pairs Protons (+) charge Atomic # Neutrons Glue that holds nucleus of atom 2ge ... Share electrons Strength of Bond Depends on: Size of atoms Distance Protons are (+) If they get too close, they will repel each other Why Bohr Models don' ...

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el of quantum mechanics), matter is comprised of atoms. Atoms are made up of three basic particles: protons, which are positively-charged particles; electrons, which are negatively-charged particles; ... are negatively-charged particles; and neutrons, which have no charge. An atom has its neutrons and protons clustered together at its center, called the nucleus, while the electrons orbit around the n ...

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A Physics Investigation of the Resistance: Of A Piece of Wire?

smallest parts of an atom that is situated in shells (similar to the layers in onions). An atom has protons that are positively charged and neutrons that have a neutral charge (no charge) in the centr ... itively charged and neutrons that have a neutral charge (no charge) in the centre. The neutrons and protons are like the core of the atom. There are then electrons that are negatively charged circulat ...

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Compounds And Reactions

made up of many atoms. And an atom is the smallest known particle there is other than electrons and protons.* There are 3 different type of chemical bonds.* Ionic bonds are formed by one atom transfer ... Hydrogen* Acid + Carbonate = Salt + Water + Carbon Dioxide* Atomic mass is the sum of the number of protons and neutrons and is also shown on the top left corner of the element box* Atomic number is t ...

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Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (FMRI) and it's Medical Applications

te 1940s. Under a magnetic field, the nuclei lose energy in form of NMR signals by the diffusion of protons.Thulborn et al. were doing some researches on solutions and discovered that the change in bl ...

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Nuclear waste

types of radiation:* Alpha Decay: The reason alpha decay occurs is because the nucleus has too many protons which cause excessive repulsion. In an attempt to reduce the repulsion, a Helium nucleus is ...

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th other chemicals, so therefore it is inert. It has an atomic number of 18, meaning that it has 18 protons. It has an atomic weight of 39.948. Its density is 1.784 g/cm³. According ...

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“Primordial Deuterium And The Big Bang”

letter eta, is used to describe the amount of matter in the universe. Eta is the ratio of how many protons there are for every neutron. Currently there is no agreement as to the precise value of eta, ... s and the subatomic particles were able to combine. The majority of the elementary particles formed protons and neutrons, with the more stable protons outnumbering the neutrons 7:1.After a few minutes ...

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How electrostatics influence our lives

s. The object that gains electrons becomes negatively charged, since it now has more electrons than protons. The object that gives up electrons becomes positively charged. We experience many example o ...

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