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illating Pendulum, varies with the length of the string.Apparatus/Material: retort stand,String,Bob,Protractor,Stop watch.Procedure: (1) length of pendulum was measured,(2) An angle of 50ْْ ...

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Concepts of Computer Science and Programming: OOP and others

king with any amount of data. Computers programming are a tools of computer science, as a ruler and protractor are tools of geometry. Programming is defined in Princeton University as1.setting an orde ...

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A lab report of forces being in equilibrium.

and in testing. While graphically collecting data, it is easy to not be precise given the ruler and protractor given. To fix this, a ruler and protractor with good precision are needed. Also, it is im ...

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How we got the job done To obtain the data

ommend a meter stick with centimeter measurements, various weights not to large, a stopwatch, and a protractor to measure your amplitude.To start off we got all of the materials that are needed. Next ...

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Physics - Stability

thod 1 - Surface area of the baseEquipment:Lego pieces (all the same mass, size and shape)Flat boardProtractorRulerMethod:First of all, gather all of your equipmentUsing the same number of cubes for e ... ce upwardsWhen the object falls/topples over, stop tilting the board and note the angle, using your protractor, of the board from your workstationRecord this result in your tableNow, to make sure that ...

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