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Bureaucracy and Street-level Bureaucrats

e discretion over the allocation of services. They act as the agency between the government and the public in which their activities affect the way of the bureaucracy in fulfilling its responsibilitie ... ety, especially those who work at the lower level interacting with citizens directly.Apart from the public, the street-level bureaucrats also have a very close relationship with the government. They a ...

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Biography for Paul O'Neal, former chairman of Alcoa and treasury secretary during the Bush administration.

a bachelor's degree in Economics from Fresno State College in California, and a master's degree in Public Administration from Indiana University. Mr. O'Neill and his wife Nancy live in Pittsburgh whe ...

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E-commerce, shopping on the internet.

ng any form of business transaction or information exchange between organizations of various types, public administration and customers, using information and communications technology which promises ... this could not be considered very commercial2)an usage for academic purposes. The very beginning of public internet connections and thus the basis of commerce.3)the first years of private technology a ...

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Stakeholder Analysis (A case study of Pamol Nigeria Ltd)

don (Mason and Mitroff, 1981:p.43). It is widely used in management science, political science, and public administration. For an organism such as modern business corporation or government, system thi ... s 40% of the shares in Pamol Ltd, with the majority of 60% being held by several state governments, public companies and over 30,000 private Nigerian citizens.To interact constructively, Pamol Ltd has ...

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Public Adminstration

Introduction:Public administration has a long history. There are mainly three stages in the progress of public ad ... ion evolution, namely the early administration, the traditional model of administration and the new public management. In the past two decades there has been an unprecedented wave of reforms as the tr ... developed industrial economies, whose political leaders were under pressure to keep down levels of public taxation and expenditure, while maintaining high levels of welfare and other public services ...

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Ethics and Management

Ethics and ManagementIntroduction to ethicsThe United States public is increasingly concerned with ethics. A great number of professors are teaching courses in e ... utrality rulesThere are some major barriers to the acceptance of ethics as a discipline of value in public administration. The first barrier is the ethic of neutrality describes the ideal manager as a ... ic accountability and lowers the moral bar for collective military behavior and outcomes. Where the public welfare is at stake, officials who take on the role of public servant must make outstanding e ...

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Sri Lanka ICT Industry

ts strong expansion, fueled primarily by strong growth in telecom, tourism, and financial services. Public administration and defense expenditures have remained steady. Repatriated earnings of Sri Lan ... Growth of Telecommunication ServicesYear Wire-line Connections Cellular Connections WLL Connections Public Payphone Booths Radio Paging Services Internet & e-Mail1996 254,522 71,079 527 3,002 10,7 ...

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Book Review - Brian J. Cook -" Bureacracy and Self Government"

Public Administration is a government's application of the policies and regulations it creates withi ... tion that manages it is organized. More importantly, Cook also emphasizes that in doing so, it must Public administration must also be ever expanding and changing in it's capacity and makeup. The ques ... ook, this seems a very daunting task, because of the many elements of the question. What exactly is public administration, its instrumental and constitutive character and liberal democratic structure? ...

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Book Review - Selznick - Leadership in Administration

Selznick's Leadership in Administration enters the realm of our understanding of Public Administration through sociology and institution. And this is admitted in the very introducti ... these ideas, as well as dealing with them in the long run. Selznick views this as a main aspect of public administration in organizations that deal with the public, because simply put the "public" is ... organization, and how the leader manages these issues. Selznick's book is an important component to Public Administration, especially when juxtaposed with authors such as Cook and Wilson. While they b ...

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Book Review - Khademian - "Working with Culture"

lar to Selznick's Leadership in Administration, in that both focus on the less technical aspects of public administration (structure and hierarchy) and instead look at problems that arise "between the ... nd Wilson took it, but as something that should be acknowledged, and if reform is to be made within public administrations, culture has to be taken into account and be thoroughly understood. As Khadem ...

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Corruption in China: Understanding the Dynamics of Corruption at the Individual and Group Level

n environment where officials do not use their discretionary power for personal gain is an inherent public administration issue. Previous studies on corruption tend to examine micro or macro approache ... ption, three of which will be discussed below.(1)Functional ApproachThis approach argues that since public institutions in some societies cannot fulfill the basic functions of enhancing economic devel ...

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E-Business Strategy Paper

ns between enterprises, contrary to relations between enterprises and other groups (e.g. consumers, public administration). The term is today used in marketing however it was established to describe t ... s largest eBusiness suppliers. Although Dell sells computers, hardware and other accessories to the public, they also sell in bulk to other businesses as well as offer other solutions to making busine ...

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Burracracie And Scientific Management

Currently burccracie is the foundation of the administration of the public sector organizations. While scientific management complements bureccraci, but cannot substitu ... ctices through a hierarchy system. They are set to protect management, lower office workers and the public and are the product of the negotiations between administration representatives and bargaining ... g.The work of Taylor and Max Weber along with the principles of management concepts are relevant to public administration with the need for honest dialog between upper management and lower offices.

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How does structure affect the bureaucracy? What lessons can we learn from theory about government and bureaucracy?

ericans of the federal government, demonstrates the need for organization through bureaucracies and public administration. They are closer to the people, and allow them to see their opinion, voice, an ... o attract the danger of representation in instrumental terms (Kettl 99) . But instead you must view public agencies as not representing organized interest, but the nation’s interest in such areas ...

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Employment Equity in Canada

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - PAGE 4REPRESENTATIVE AND EQUITABLE PUBLIC SERVICE- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - PAGE 4MEETING THE REQUIREMENTS- - ... more specifically, Equality Rights (as set out in section 15), has had a significant impact on the Public Administration sector, with regards to employment equity and governmental services. Subsectio ...

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Organizational priorities

r way.Maintaining clarity and organizational priorities, goals, and objectives is very important in public administration. Public managers must be able to clearly communicate what they expect out of t ... about organizational priorities, goals, and objectives is a very important strategic guideline for public management. This is important as to make sure employees who are responsible for making decisi ...

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Controlling Organized Crime

structures, the use of violence or intimidation, and having an effect on political life, the media, public administration, justice or the economy" idea connection (2009). Criminal organizations work t ... made up of the Mafia, also known as in the U.S. as Cosa Nostra. America has "perhaps received more publicity than others because of American motion pictures and novels" idea connection (2009).Various ...

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An Evaluation of Connect’s Customer Complaints Practices

RCH PROJECTPartial requirement of MG301 - Service Operations ManagementDepartment of Management and Public AdministrationFaculty of Business & Economics,University of the South Pacific (USP),2007S ... trademarked but allowed for us to use the purpose of education from the School of Management & Public Administration of the Faculty of Business & Economics of University of the South Pacific. ...

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Normal Accidents and Implementation

Dr. ConroyPublic AdministrationNormal Accidents and ImplementationCrystal Spratt 10/19/2009�The ... . Implementation. University of California Press. Berkleyand Los Angeles. 1984.Stillman, Richard J. Public Administration, Concepts and Cases. Wadsworth, Cengage Learning.Boston. 2010.

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Outline and describe the three major ways of organizing a city government? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

e citizens to elect the council, who then appoints a city manager. The manager is an expert in law, public administration, and/or finance and civil engineering. He/she serves an indefinite term, and c ... ovides no central division for administrationThe advantage to this system is that it calls for much public involvement and no single person can dominate government or its affairs. This is also a disad ...

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