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Internet Censorship

eaten, or harass' ('Stop the Communications ...' n.p.). The goal of this bill is to try to make all public discourse on the Internet suitable for young children. The issue of whether is it necessary t ...

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Analysis of Niel Postman's "Amusing ourselves to death" )Only the first five chapters!).

communicate, but they also have an impact on the content of our culture.In the eighteenth century, public discourse was much different than it is today. That is mainly due to the shift from one mediu ... intelligence was graded on how well they could read and write. This is mainly due to the fact that public discourse was extremely formal and it encouraged logical thinking. In today's culture, most o ...

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Every day monsters; an analysis of the definition of monsters and marvels in the middle ages, based on the book "Monsters and Marvels" by ambroise pare

  In the fifteen hundreds, "monsters" were as real as today's politicians and celebrities, and public discourse about them helped contribute to their mythical status in the social realm. No one d ... tatus in the social realm. No one doubted their existence, their presence created spectacles in any public place, and those who were lucky enough to see these subhuman creatures were quick to confirm ...

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It affects every sphere of our life- economical, political and social. It is present everywhere in public discourse. Even with the wide use of this concept, there does not appear to be any precise, w ...

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Interpretism reaction paper

medieval rhetoric, and its origins. Next he discusses the renaissance stylistic rhetoric including public and private discourse. The public discourse was particularly interesting because it discussed ... use it discussed the customs in the renaissance era and how women were often not allowed to talk in public. During the enlightenment era, it discusses how it seemed rhetoric was out of date for the ti ...

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Neil Postman, "Amusing Ourselves to Death -- Public discourse in the age of show-business" This book is a classic: everybody knows it, and everyt ... t, and everything has been written about it. Let me write some more. Postman's book caused a lot of public discussion in the mid-eighties, but it is now as relevant as ever, possibly more so. Today, i ...

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Thorstein Veblen

readily associated with his name and appears frequently in the social sciences, the humanities, and public discourse, often without credit to it's creator. (Edgell,1992) This book catapulted Veblen fr ...

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Draft of Journalism Personal Statement

and critical writing skills. Ultimately, I want to use these skills to participate thoughtfully in public discourse informed by the culture that produces it. The velocity of the present necessitates ...

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"Stupid Girls" and Trend-whores: Popular Music Lashes Out Against Plastic Girls

their stances on female issues in modern society, a beautiful working example of popular music as a public discourse.Perhaps presenting workable definitions of this report's two key terms, "popular mu ... n circulation on Billboard charts (or produced by musicians still actively recording) and played on public FM radio stations.So, what's public discourse? That's a much simpler definition quest so long ...

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