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My Zambezi Valley

ibraries. Few people have been graced the opportunity to be in the presence of this majestic silver python as it carves away at the crust of our earth. There is no better way to experience this natura ...

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If at First You Don't Succeed.

I felt as if a python was squeezing my belly, which was fluttering with an entourage of butterflies. I clenched and ...

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This Is Cool

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Python Versus C

bove concerns, I will write a brief comparison between two popular programming languages: C/C++ and Python.The maturity of C/C++ and Python differs great in regards to history. Dennis Ritchie, who use ... a pattern of steady growth. In 1987 C++ became standardized and its popularity increased steadily. Python's development started years after C++ was standardized. Guido van Rossum developed Python, a ...

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Depresonalization- Derealization

live in the NT, in katherine, just south of darwin where snakes NT is located. I purashed a carpet python and and a water python off them. Thankfully i was able to look at the reptiles before purchas ... d a water python off them. Thankfully i was able to look at the reptiles before purchase. The water python is fine but that was captive breed so i can understand that. Where as the carpet python was c ...

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Ancient Art

uvre Museum and the Smithsonian Institution Freer Gallery I came across two beautiful art forms The Python (c. 350 – 340 BCE) from the Louvre Museum and the Funerary Relief Bust (c. 231 BCE) from ... m the Smithsonian Institution Freer Gallery.Out of these two works of art, my first art work is the Python which to me is a favorite. The Python (c. 350 – 340 BCE) was a re-portrayed by the paint ...

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Larry's Revenge Instructions: Write a creative comedic short story.

r, courtesy of the Rattlesnake gang. All the boys in the Rattlesnake gang had older brothers in the Python gang, a real gang that stole cars and carved custom-made tattoos of snakes into each others' ... . Danny Olean was the leader of the gang, because his older brother Rich was the gang leader of the Pythons. He was the essential elementary version of cool: Danny sat outside on the fence at recess, ...

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Flow 12

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wavelength determination

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