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Sarah and Angelina Grimke, Sisters of Abolitionism

xperience in her fight against sexism.Both Sarah and Angelina joined the Society of Friends (a.k.a. Quakers) inPhiladelphia in their early twenties. Their time there strengthened their independent thi ...

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The Puritan Society in N. Hawthorne's "The Scarlet Letter"

the 'The Scarlet Letter', the reader is informed that one of the author's ancestors persecuted the Quakers harshly. The latter's son was a high judge in the Salem witch trials, put into literary form ... e thought to endanger the present order, now they persecute others for exactly the same reason. The Quakers, who believe that God can speak through every man and woman and that everyone can be enlight ...

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Richard Nixon

he family was originally from Germany. They then migrated to England around 1688, where they became Quakers. From England they migrated to Ireland, and from Ireland to America. During the civil war th ...

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Capital Punishment - The Pros and Cons

the 18th Century, efforts to abolish the death penalty gained momentum. This reform was lead by the Quakers. In the 1400's, English law recognised seven major crimes; Treason, murder, larceny, burglar ...

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Civil War Anti-Slavery movement.

antislavery movement prior to the Civil War.As early as the eighteenth century, people such as the Quakers had been opposed to slavery and began to form manumission societies early in the nineteenth ...

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Paper describing cults.

eople pursuing common goals" (Juergensmeyer, P. 6). Established groups such as Christians, Mormons, Quakers, and Catholics were once viewed as cults, but are now recognized as organized religions. Mos ...

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Why did the americans rebel against england?

ition of rebellion against English standards through the movements to the colonies by the Puritans, Quakers, etc. He also stated that the colonists were seeing a conspiracy against their way of life b ...

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Explain how the followers of Christianity may feel that the buildings in which they worship and the type of worship itself may assist them in their life and belief

priests and a member of the congregation will lead the service. In some denominations, such as the Quakers, there is no service at all and people only speak if they feel moved to by God. This assists ... panied by a piano, keyboard, guitar or another instrument. One of the few exceptions to this is the Quakers who do not have any music at all as they believe it distracts people from the worship of God ...

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John Woolman and The Abolition of Slavery

his clear motive and sympathy toward the African-Americans. I will maintain in this paper that the Quakers, and specifically the abolitionist Woolman, were not feeble pacifists, but brilliant warrior ... th real sadness, and been like undigested matter on my mind."This shows Woolman's and all the other Quakers' passion for people. The Quakers were well known for their acceptance for all colors, races, ...

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Society of Friends: History of the Society of Friends and contemporaneous observation

FriendsHistory of the Society of Friends The Society of Friends (more commonly known as the Quakers ) was founded in the 1650's by George Fox, an English "nonconformist religious reformer." Bo ... heir midst." Members spoke only if they felt moved by the Holy Spirit. In the 1650's, twenty Quakers traveled through the American colonies and established Quaker meetings. Eschewing oaths kept ...

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New England Colonies

These Catholics settled in the South. They came mainly for the economics. Finally there were the Quakers who settled in the middle colonies. They believed in religious freedom.The second most ...

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How do the the people in the New England area and the area of the Chesapeake Bay differ.

is settlement expanded rapidly north and became known as the Chesapeake Bay region. Many Catholics, Quakers, and people of Scotch-Irish decent settled here. A group known as the Puritans came from Eng ... region settled to expand, to trade, and find relief from religious persecution. A group called the Quakers established the colony of Pennsylvania. The Quakers were tolerant to all religions. Their re ...

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The underground railroad

ople who were against slavery. The antislavery activists were blacks, whites, Native Americans, and Quakers. ("Story of the Underground Railroad") They played a very important part in helping slaves e ...

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Religoun in the American Revolution.

ially that of The Church ofEngland. Their ministers were sworn by oath to support the King, and the Quakers, whowere traditionally pacifists. The practices of certain religouns suffered greatly becaus ...

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A Continental Congress

lained that there was more Toryism in Pennsylvania than in all the colonies combined; certainly the Quakers who dominated the province were more concerned in putting down radicalism at home than resis ...

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The Similarities between the Presidencies of Jefferson and Jackson

land was inhabited by dissenters from Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania was created to be a haven for Quakers. Each colony grew differently from one another. Whereas the Massachusetts Bay Colony became ...

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Betsy ross

om was the eighth child out of seventeen kids. Her parents, Samuel and Rebecca Griscom were devoted Quakers. Elizabeth Griscom would soon be come to known as Betsy Ross. At an early age Betsy was lear ...

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Ringwood Manor, New Jersey

area into East and West Jersey. East Jersey was held by Carteret. In 1681 William Penn and 11 other Quakers purchased East Jersey from Carteret's widow. New Jersey's independence from New York was rec ...

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Colonial times

ly established a colony devoted to freedom of religion, including freedoms for Jews, Catholics, and Quakers. He demanded no religious oaths, compulsory worship attendance, and no taxes to support a st ...

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Discussion of extent of religious freedom in New England/Chesapeake colonies before 1750.

ation of North America, two main religious groups formed colonies along the Atlantic coastline. The Quakers made their home in New Jersey, while the Puritans founded Massachusetts. Their newly founded ... religious freedom. Persecuted religious groups fled England for a better life in North America. The Quakers settled in New Jersey, while the Puritans lived in Massachusetts. These strongly followed re ...

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