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Case Against Affirmative Action

males who have worked twice as hard and will not receive such due rewards. Affirmative action is a quota system set up to make equal opportunities for all minorities. Therefor one of every 5 med stud ... down the bottom of the barrel and only have two slots left they realize they are yet to meet their quota established by affirmative action and that both student to fill those slots must be minorities ...

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Hong Kong Films - Who will go see them?

oducers naturally drool when they look to the mainland. But Beijing has said it would not relax its quota system, which allows release of only 10 foreign films a year, including Hollywood big movies.H ...

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How issues such as immigration, abortion, specifically the Supreme Court decision of Roe v. Wade, and flag burning have divided American society and how decisions or comprimises have been reached.

ican immigration underwent dramatic changes. The Immigration Act of 1965 ended the national origins quota system and tried to deal with the newcomers fairly. Congress gave preference to immigrants wit ...

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Reverse Discrimination

ite medical student, was denied admission to a University of California medical school because of a quota system. Bakke claimed that he was a victim of "reverse discrimination" and sued. In a close de ... scrimination" and sued. In a close decision, the Court ruled that schools might not enforce a rigid quota system if whites are not allowed to compete equally. The issue was still muddied, however, bec ...

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Equal rights of women

e it. But there is one way to ensure women get a fair number of seats and that is by establishing a quota system. A quota system is a reserve number of seats that must be women. But there are pros and ... if a man and women are running in the same riding and then man wins he gets to go to Ottawa. With a quota system there will be a certain number of women in Ottawa. So if the quota system is establishe ...

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Affirmative Action Makes Me Sad

d out of use, and students should be accepted to college based solely on their merits, not a biased quota system. Affirmative action should not be used to decide college admission because it is a cove ... es (Mills, 11). This preferential treatment, or affirmative action, came to reality in the forms of quotas on racial diversity and other hiring practices. Affirmative action came into mainstream pract ...

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Chinas One Child Policy

g couples to have only one child, the need of government permission in order to get pregnant, and a quota system set up to limit the number of allowed births within a village are just some of the prog ...

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on Act of 1924 was the first permanet limitation on immigration, established the " national origins quota system"(). This act set a quota of immigrants to the United States at two percent of the numbe ... at two percent of the number of persons of a given nationality residing in the United States. Since quotas were based on the proportions of the U.S. population, the system greatly favored northern Eur ...

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Affirmative Action

tional origin"(Finkelman). This is when the term affirmative action was first used to describe the "quota" system of hiring minorities into the workforce. The national policy on affirmative action sho ... tor with higher credentials working on their son in the E.R. than one who became a doctor through a quota system. If a medical school admissions committee didn't have numerical standards, then it woul ...

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England Swings into it's own Grave: England Swings, right into its own Grave. An analysis of the depiction of British National Identity in the 1973 Vincent Price horror classic "Theatre of Blood"

f identity attributed to an ever growing influx of American influences, Britain initiated a staunch quota system. This initiative created a great number of works which were reflective of the countries ... d rooted in literary nostalgia. In the shadow of these objects of prestige, were a variety of “Quota Quickies”, genre films which were not considered great works of art, but rather a means t ...

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“Give me your tired, your poor,”

he country. In 1921 the U.S. continued to adjust its immigration policies with the national origins quota system. Admittance into the United States now depended upon an immigrant's country of birth. W ...

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