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Description of meteorology and different fields meterologists can work in

ly a meteorologist is, most people instantly think of a weather forecaster on a local television or radio station. However, meteorology entails a much wider range of job opportunities than just relayi ... tools used include the radar, satellites, and computers. The first of the three, radar, stands for "radio detection and ranging," and was developed to detect enemy aircraft flying over clouds or in da ...

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My career

I Need Help?The chief Engineer's main duty at a radio station is to keep the station on the air and sounding good. This involves taking caring of al ... istant is the money in the budget for the station. The stations I have are a couple of AM Christian radio format stations. As you may have figured in your mind, they don't tend to be major players in ... ake huge amounts of money.The general manager that I have has never been a General Manager of a radio station. This is also his first time working at a major market station. This really doesn't h ...

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Rock Music

ack leather with piercing and tattoos all over their body. Heavy metal gets very little air play on radio stations there is an average of only one radio station per listening air. Fans often depend on ... nsidered to be popular music. It does not have as many loyal fans as hard rock but does get as much radio play as rap rock. Alternative rock is soft-core in comparison to heavy metal and rap rock. It ...

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Radio One, Inc. - Finance 6000 Case Study.

IntroductionIn 1980 Catherine Hughes and her husband raised money to purchase a radio station in Washington, D.C., for just under $1 million. They started the radio station by chan ... on. They started the radio station by changing it from a R&B station and public affairs to talk radio. Starting off as radio hosts and becoming personalities throughout the years, the Hugheses acq ... ntrating mostly on the African-American market, also onto the South East of the United States, left Radio One with a market that at first did not find many advertising agencies that wanted to invest a ...

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Censorship in 1949 with the Fairness Doctrine

e given an equal opportunity to broadcast on any station during an election year. This means that a radio station must allow both candidates to buy equal airtime to guarantee fairness. To extend this ... g can be more persuasive than print and must have a greater responsibility to their audience. Since radio/cable networks are required to receive licenses then the government is allowed to state what i ...

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Tourism in Louisiana, Florida, and Tennessee and interesting facts.

buffs, there is, of course, Music City, or Nashville. People can visit the original Grand Ole Opry radio station, or go to the new station and theater and watch a show. There is plenty to do in the b ...

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Volcano Project

to live within ten miles from a volcano? Not knowing when it's going to erupt. I just called in the radio station and I was caller number ten. I got to choose one of three places to live, the options ... nd mount Kilauea is located on the Hawaiian Islands in Hawaii.After all of that research I told the radio station that I choose to live within ten miles of mount Baker, then Mount Kilauea and then Mou ...

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Government Regulation of Radio: Free Speech

In 1978 a radio station owned by Pacifica FoundationBroadcasting out of New York City was doing a program on c ... FCC v. Pacifica Foundation. The outcome of this case has had a lastingeffect on what we hear on the radio.This landmark case gave the FCC the "power to regulate radiobroadcasts that are indecent but n ... ch. Before thiscase occurred there were certain laws already in place that prohibitedobscenity over radio. One of these laws was the "law of nuisance".This law "generally speaks to channeling behavior ...

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MTV Case Study

usicians to be different. During the year 1981, popular music emerged and it can be enjoyed through radio station or tape recorded. Although most of the music stars perform live at the audience but th ...

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Radio analysis

1. IntroductionEvery day, many people tune in to radio news. In Britain alone, every week over 12 million listen to news bulletins from the British B ... ek over 12 million listen to news bulletins from the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) on five radio networks.The language of the news media, especially of radio news, offers a number of areas wh ... worth researching and investigating. An investigation of the linguistic features of the language in radio news - similar to any other investigation - needs a definition of what is to be studied.I will ...

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The radio station i have choose to do for my in depth study of a radio station would be 102.7 WXYV. Befo ... tive 10 Pm to Midnight on Sundays. Those are the DJ's that make B102.7 arguably one of the greatest radio stations in current history.For the most part B102.7 is live broadcasting, everything is live ... is the phrase that pays "B102.7 is Baltimore's Number One Hit Music Station." B102.7 is a very good radio station and I listen to this station a lot and i really like it because they play a huge varie ...

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Set Critique of Talk Radio

Set Critique of Talk Radio, directed by David Overton The set of the production of Talk Radio creates a realistic ... lay as well as showing them some insight into the way Barry lives his life. The set for Talk Radio actually looks like a radio station. There is nothing that needs to be left up to your imagina ... side of the theatre. Some may wonder how this adds to the production. It adds to it because in many radio stations there is glass on all sides of the booths, therefore letting everyone see what is goi ...

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The US Economy after September 11th. Decline or Rapid Growth?

On a common Tuesday, September 11th music on my favourite radio station was interrupted by a special news block, which reported that an airplane tore into the ...

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