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About the SETI program and Extraterrestrial life.

ntury.Drakes first search was located in Green Bank, West Virginia in the year 1960. He used a 85ft radio telescope to search for "interstellar radio signals." He found two stars that were like our su ... s called project Ozma. No signals were found in this search, but they discovered there were natural radio waves emitted by hydrogen.(Jodrell Bank)Frank Drake also developed the Drake equation. This eq ...

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Why Visit Puerto Rico?

rld’s third largest underground cave system, nine protected reserves, the world’s largest radio telescope, and countless other things. Puerto Rico offers a diverse package of culture, commer ...

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Hubble Telescope

sizes the Refracting telescope is usually less expensive than the Reflecting telescope. The Radio Telescope: In the beginning of the Radio Telescope it was first built in 1937 by Grote Reber o ... was a device with a parabolically shaped reflector. It was a dubbed dish that focuses the incoming radio waves onto a small pickup antenna, or "feed". The X-Ray Telescope is an instrument desi ...

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