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Gamma Rays

to use or be in contact with.Gamma rays bombard our bodies constantly. They come from the naturallyradioactive materials in rocks and soil. We take some of these materials intoour bodies from the air ... me time Knockelectrons loose from the atom which ionizes them. Uranium and othernaturally occurring radioactive elements, which emit alpha and beta particlesfrom their nuclei which transforming into n ...

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"How is helium produced"

natural gas contains a relatively highconcentration of Helium which has accumulated as a result of radioactivedecay of heavy elements within the earth's crust. Helium is supplied todistribution centr ...

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The Environmental, Social and Ethical Consequences of mining,processing and using Uranium

ocessing operations in nuclear reactors produce sandy wastes called tailings. These contain several radioactive elements, including thorium, radium, and radon, which emit low levels of radiation. This ... cess, thus decreasing the atmospheric damage. Unfortunately there are problems with the disposal of radioactive waste products. Some of the waste decay in 10 to 100, while others take thousands of yea ...

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Nuclear Power: Pros and Cons

pros and cons of Nuclear Power after I had addressed the questions.1. Home smoke detectors contain radioactive materials.2. Radioactive materials and radiation are unnatural and did not exist until c ...

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Exponential and Logarithmic Functions Alvaro Hurtado

ential functions are used in biology to express the rapid growth of bacteria and understand how the radioactive decay can be used to date artifacts found. Also it can be used to explain the exponentia ... s students can express the rapid growth of bacteria with an exponential function and understand how radioactive decay can be used to date artifacts found at archeological sites.Social StudiesWhile stu ...

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Gamma Rays

to use or be in contact with.Gamma rays bombard our bodies constantly. They come from the naturally radioactive materials in rocks and soil. We take some of these materials into our bodies from the ai ... time Knock electrons loose from the atom which ionizes them. Uranium and other naturally occurring radioactive elements, which emit alpha and beta particles from their nuclei which transforming into ...

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Nuclear Radiation: Effects, Facts and how we can stop it.

l sources such as rocks, which can produce radium. Radium decay turns into radon. Radon decays into radioactive particles. If this is inhaled, it could cause respiratory problems.This happened because ...

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Excellent study notes for all science topics in year 10

iddot; Radiation is powerful and dangerous rays that are produced when atoms are broken up.· Radioactive elements have unstable nuclei. As unstable nucleus breaks down or decays into a more sta ... main types of radiation: alpha particles, beta particles and gamma rays.· The half-life of a radioactive substance is the time required for half of the substance to decay· Exposure to ra ...

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Nuclear bombs and the progression of them

ffect of the mushroom cloud and the complete incineration of the terrain for miles occurs; but also radioactive particles are scattered into the clouds, which then is transported across the world. Thi ... rrid diseases to those who are exposed. The atmosphere is greatly affected, it becomes charged with radioactive particles. This affects everything that lives on the ground. The ecosystem is also great ...

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Chemistry 10 Notes on Atomic Structure and Half Life.

ses them to repel each other Radioactivity Element so big that it isn't stable Radioactive Decay Gives off protons & neutrons Becomes more stable Writing ... nd out read Atomic mass Half-Life Amount of time it takes to decay to ½ Radioactive Substances Used in C14 dating Balancing Equations # of atoms must b ...

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Harmful Effects of Television

r, scientific studies prove that unlike any other household equipment television sends out a lot of radioactive rays. Indeed, radiation deteriorates vision. As well, it can damage it. For example, som ... . For example, some people like to sit close to TV sets. Their eyes are too close to the screen and radioactive rays are constantly getting in their eyes. For that reason, television harms people's vi ...

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The challenges facing governments to preserve the enviroment

IntroductionDesertificationRadioactive WastesDeforestationOzone layerGlobal WarmingLand PollutionAir PollutionWater PollutionIn ... ification, as a process of global change, is permanent or how and when it can be halted or reversed.RADIOACTIVE WASTESIntroductionGenerally speaking, radioactive waste can be either long-lived or shor ... troductionGenerally speaking, radioactive waste can be either long-lived or short-lived. Long-lived radioactive waste decays at a much slower rate than short-lived waste, and therefore retains its rad ...

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Planet Earth (SCI350 Astronomy)

nique process known as plate tectonics; ours is the only planet known to have this special feature. Radioactive decay keeps Earth's center hot which causes plate tectonics. These giant conveyor belts ...

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Nuclear Power.

e or gain neutrons and protons to gain stability, the loss of particles and energy is radioactivity.Radioactive decay occurs when an unstable isotope breaks down into another same or different element ... ergy brought, waste disposal was another problem that is need to be considered. Plutonium and other radioactive substances are highly radioactive wastes, which were extremely difficult to dispose. Cur ...

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Information on the radioisotope: Cobalt 60 used in medicine and in industry

area of medicine, Cobalt-60 is used in cancer radiotherapy.b) Describe how the radioisotope is made.Radioactive cobalt-60 is produced in a process called activation, when materials in reactors, such a ... ecays into nickel 60.c) How does the radioisotope decay and state its half-life.Cobalt-60 undergoes radioactive decay with the emission of beta particles and strong gamma radiation. It ultimately deca ...

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The Decaying Of Radioactive Isotopes

ecay very rapidly and, therefore, have a high specific activity. Others decay at a much slower rate.Radioactive decay is the spontaneous breakdown of an atomic nucleus resulting in the release of ener ... smutation, is the change of one element into another as a result of changes within the nucleus. The radioactive decay and transmutation process will continue until a new element is formed that has a s ...

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Radioisotope technology - tracers

isotopes - atoms of the same element with a different number of neutrons in the nucleus - that are radioactive. This radioactivity means that they have an unstable nucleus which undergoes radioactive ... which certain elements take in plants and animals because they behave in the same way as their non-radioactive counterparts. Using technology such as Geiger counters, autoradiography, gamma ray spect ...

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rge numbers and exponents, then applies them to such problems as exponential growth of populations, radioactive decay and nuclear chain reactions. . He exposes scientific concepts like a traditional n ...

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Gamma radiation Practical

Gamma rays are electromagnetic radiations which we detect as quanta of energy or photons. When the radioactive source is confined so that it acts as a point source, the reduction in the number of pho ... e.Another Random error that may have effected the results was the decaying of the gamma ray source. Radioactive substances decay with time, therefore the emission of rays at the start of the practical ...

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Nuclear Science

the neutrons from one nucleus collide with nearby nuclei of atoms and split. From a small amount of radioactive material, the chain reaction creates a large amount of energy. Nuclear fusion- joining t ... re are two types of these safety devices. One detects smoke or heat sources by using radiation from radioactive material. They are also called 'ion chamber smoke detectors'. The other type detects the ...

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