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James J. Hill

mboat line based in Winnipeg, Canada and with the formation of a fuel company to supply coal to the railroads. Between 1856 and 1878 he concentrated on the steamboat trade along the Mississippi and Re ... a very important freight artery for the United States. If it had not been for James J. Hill and his railroads, goods would not be moving to and from major Midwestern cities today. The northern states ...

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Public School Finance

ifference between what utility companies and other commercial properties and other entities such as railroads and airlines must pay. The utility companies originally protested all of the taxes that th ...

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The growth of New York's Business

e limited to theconstruction of the Erie Canal, the invention of the telegraph, thedeveloped of the railroads, the establishment of Wall Street andbanking, the textile, shipping, agriculture and newpa ... York City the chief port of theAtlantic. The growing urban population and the contruction of canals,railroads and factories stimulated the demand for raw materials and foodstuffs. In 1836 four-fifths ...

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Reconstruction in Early America

y people suffered from the great amount of property damage done to such things as farms, factories, railroads and several other things that citizens depended on to keep their economy strong. Some of t ...

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Transportation safety

Transportation has advanced over the years from ferries to railroads to automotives to airplanes. Man is constantly moving, and man tries to find faster ways t ...

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Yalta Conference

e end of WWII, they would be granted the Kurile Islands, part of the Sakhalin Island, and access to railroads and port facilities in North Korea, Munchuria, and Outer Mongolia. Although, the Soviet Un ...

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"John Mackasey" This is a short paper on John Mackasey, an Irish Catholic and other irish immigrants living in Canada during the late 1800s.

gshoremen, as ditch-diggers, as construction workers, as builders of the nation's roads, canals and railroads. Even middle class Irish Catholics experienced barriers to success and respect, such as re ...

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Western Movement and Railroads. This essay is about western settlement and how the railroads turned out to be better agents of migration than many government homesteading organizations.

speculation, and land monopoly (Draffan). The majority of Western settlement can be credited to the railroads, which proved to be far better homesteading agents than those established by many governme ... ful tracts, or pay the higher price asked by speculators.Farmers finally received a break, with the railroads. Under the Pacific Railroad Act, "land grants made possible the speedy construction" (Draf ...

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War in the 20th century

o rapid industrialization, many reforms were needed in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. With railroads raising prices for short distance rides and the high cost to ship goods farmers found thei ... find new techniques in crop production. Eventually laws were passed to help regulate the prices of railroads.During the Agrarian Movement many farmers faced problems. One of their problems was overpr ...

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What is free enterprise, and how it affects the world and business in the united states.

te businesses.Deregulation in the eighties has brought new meanings to industries such as airlines, railroads, and telecommunications. Although adjustment proved traumatic, the airline industry grew f ... b of new routes, and competitive employee wages. In 1980, Congress got rid of rules that encouraged railroads to keep unwanted routes, that forced prices too high to compete with truck and barge rates ...

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William Faulkner's "A Rose for Emily"

1897. He was actually given the name William Falkner but added the "u" later. His father worked on railroads owned by his grandfather. Faulkner's great-grandfather, William C. Falkner had originally ... r, and even the colonel of the Second Mississippi Regiment. In 1902 Faulkner's grandfather sold the railroads and the family was forced to begin again in Oxford (Unger 524,525). The Faulkner family bo ...

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"Slaughterhouse 5" by Kurt Vonnegut.

d equipment mainly to help win the current battle. Strategic bombing was used to destroy factories, railroads, communications and oil so the enemy was paralyzed. This method of bombing was used to des ...

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Charles Waddel Chesnutt's "The Sherrif's Children".

paratively speaking but slightly disturbed the sluggish current of life in this region, remote from railroads and navigable streams." (32). Through this passage, Chesnutt relates to the reader a sense ...

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The 19th Century "Railroad Boom".

due to the enormous amount of time and money spent to unite America's west coast through the use of railroads.The connection of the Union Pacific and the Central Pacific could very well be described a ... California. Simultaneously, the Union Pacific was to begin construction in Omaha, Nebraska. The two railroads were to connect at the California-Nebraska line. After many complications due to Indian tr ...

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Essay on tort law history, in particular looking at the British and Australian tort law development through the 19th century.

ily due to a lack of diversity and lack of quantity in tort cases. However with large factories and railroads grew a complex relationship between employee, employer and consumer. Due to this it was ne ...

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Railroad Monopolies; this essay covers the railroad monopolies and how they were dealt with.

games and on-line services. People in the late in 1800s dominated and abused other things, such as railroads. Railroad companies could charge a farmer very high just to transport their crops a short ... e the superior advantages of railways and steam carriages over canal navigation." Some of the first railroads were not automatically ran on trains, but with horse pulling carts along tracks. The first ...

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Western frontier.

urban areas. Our nation was growing, industry was improving, and transportation, especially through railroads, was progressing rapidly. Following the Civil War, many settlers, including immigrants and ... pansion, such as railroad construction. Once the boundaries were created and farms were stable, the railroads could have then been built through the less fertile lands, such as the deserts in the Sout ...

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To what extent was the Civil War an important watershed in US social and economic history?

or to the Civil War was known as the "Great Expansion". Economic boom followed the expansion of the railroads westward across the continent and southward into Florida. The Civil War punctuated Florida ...

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The Causes of the Civil War. It is based on the book called The Coming of the Civil war by Michael Perman. It discusses the arguments in the book as to why the war took place.

factories in these cities, which produced goods more quickly and cheaply. The north was developing railroads and other forms of transportation which made it easier to trade the goods they produced. S ...

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Robber Barons

he largest market in the world for industrial goods (Newman and Schmalbach 333). The laying down of railroads increased everywhere, including the west. As a result of this new form of transportation, ... etition. When being interviewed by the Chicago Daily News on October 9, 1882, Vanderbilt said, "The railroads are not run for . . . the public. The public be damned. I do not take any stock in this si ...

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