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Mythology research project. Speaks of The Yoruba and Madagascar myths

with the good things reported to him and sent Orisha Nla to finish. He planted trees, Olorun made rain water fall from the sky and grew the seeds into a great forest. The creation of earth took fou ... es a god for everything in our world: Shu, the wind god, his consort Tefnut, "The Spitter", brought rain, Seb, the earth god, Nut, goddess of the firmament, who were the parents of Osiris and his cons ...

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Svante August Arrhenius

een done in the 17 70s by Cavendish, who corn pared the conductivity of salt solutions with that of rain water, using his own physiological reaction to the electric shocks he rece ived! Arrhenius had ...

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Inclined Planes

trucks since many things are too heavy for people to move. Many roofs are built with an incline so rain water would slide down easily.There are also natural inclined planes. For example skiing- the d ...

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Impact of Light and Electron Microscope on Cell Theory

ntist named Anton van Leeuwenhoek used the light microscope to observe living cells inside stagnant rain water. This then developed the cell theory in which all living things were made of cells, cells ...

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Case Study: Water, water everywhere but down the tube

6;Mishin has designed a building and was occupied by his client in 1984. About 9 years later, heavy rain occurred and a box gutter overflowed which caused major damage and loses to the buyer Mr O’ ... ee from the investigation and report by third party, the water down-pipe discharge into the public drainage system indeed were under designed by the architect. Through further findings, one of the dow ...

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Dryland Salinity in Australia

lay deep underground, arose from rock minerals as well as deposits carried from the sea via wind or rain and slowly building up over thousands of years. Also beneath the soil is the water table, a lay ... the soil is the water table, a layer of excess water kept at a fairly constant level as most of the rain water is used by plants before it is able to leach through the soil. Native plants also have lo ...

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Uses of water in South Africa How water is used in south Africa in the different sectors

ry, mining and forestry share the left over 28% of water as well as any water resources. Only 9% of rain water is available, as the rest is lost due to surface run-off. Run-off is used in agriculture ... his is high-potential arable land. The most important limiting factor is the availability of water. Rainfall is distributed unevenly across the country, with some areas prone to drought. More than hal ...

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Summit Flats

e buildings with their huge walls covered with plants, their roots fixed into the walls soaked with rain water; spilling sewers from every housing unit inside the shelter are not unusual scenes for pe ... . Unauthorized illegal structures make these conditions even worse by making these sewer lines and drainage lines inaccessible. Could these chaoses be avoided with good designs? At least to an certain ...

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