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Freedom through the press

50 days everyone in the entire U.S. would be killed. And the last one left could shut off the T.V. Ralph Nader states that 'The media has 2 purposes, to inform, and to entertain, and though the infor ...

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Democracy Debate

ve been picked up by the major parties. People such as Norman Thomas, from the socialist party, and Ralph Nader, from the green party have contributed and greatly effected results in major presidentia ...

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Critique on Ani Difranco's Song Fuel.

1998 and released on the album Little Plastic Castle1. This particular version was taped live at a Ralph Nader rally. The purpose of this piece is to make the audience question the government, and ma ...

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This is a comparison of Roman and American character. It was written for humanities class. It just discusses the two cultures' character and how they were similar and different.

American character is weakening because of deceit, corruption, and descent of the American people. Ralph Nader, in his article "Modern Society Not Very Good at Sizing Up Own Decay", looks at "four 'd ... uster, 1942."Judge throws out ex-CIA Agent's Conviction." "CNN." CNN. 29 Oct. 2003 < >.Nader, Ralph. "Modern Society Not Very Good at Sizing Up Own Decay." 2003.

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Interest Group Research Assignment (Sierra Club)

n and safeguard our nation's landscapes for future generations to enjoy," Cox said.Why Gore and not Ralph Nader from the Green party, which is a pro-environmental political party? Wouldn't it seem obv ...

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Ralph nader and why he is a better candidate than bush or Kerry

erry and Bush have a combined 98 percent of the votes, and most of the media, attention, where does Ralph Nader factor in? According to the American Research group and Fox News Channel, Ralph Nader is ... the election if no "polls" were ever done. Even though 57% of Americans surveyed would like to see Ralph Nader in a debate, he still isn't allowed to debate against Bush or Kerry. Why would either Bu ...

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Election 2004

pproaches. In this essay I will discuss three potential candidates, John Kerry, George W. Bush, and Ralph Nader, and where they stand on different issues. I will also discuss which candidate I would l ... ey stand on different issues. I will also discuss which candidate I would like to win the election, Ralph Nader, and which candidate that I think will win the election, George W. Bush.First I will dis ...

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Education for America (with work cited)

e different candidates from three different political parties: John Kerry for the Democratic Party, Ralph Nader from the Green Party, and George Bush for the Republican Party. I not only learned about ... g 500,000 teachers over the next four years, and to reward excellence, and results for our children.Ralph Nader, the Green Party, has a different outlook on the future of our children's education. He ...

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Are 3rd Parties doomed to failure?

rom educating voters on specific issues to affecting real change in government policy. For example, Ralph Nader in 2000 entered the Presidential race in Spring 2000 claiming that his economic policies ... read of his vote) and took votes mainly from the Republicans allowing a Democratic Victory. In 2000 Ralph Nader of the Green Party received 2.7% of the vote and took votes almost exclusively from Demo ...

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Is globalization a good thing or a disaster? You must refer to both readings on this topic in The Human Record, fairly present and discuss both points of view and explain your own.

bless and perils of wage decreases is one of the platforms on which those against free trade stand. Ralph Nader calls it "a race to the bottom," where companies move to countries with fewer environmen ...

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About Bush.

ry supportive and involved in his campaign.If I were old enough to vote, I believe I would vote for Ralph Nader. I choose this specific candidate because he and I share many of the same beliefs. The P ...

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Die Grunen and the Green Party

garnered national recognition in the 2000 Presidential election under the charismatic leadership of Ralph Nader by attracting nearly three million votes, yet this figure only accounted for a small per ... ecame a household political name during the 2000 Presidential election when under the leadership of Ralph Nader, they garnered 2.7 million votes, rendering them the largest third party in the United S ...

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Don't Run Ralph Nader!

Dear Mr. Ralph Nader:You have an extraordinary record of public service over the past 35 years. You have done ... h Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Consumer Product Safety Commission ("Ralph Nader").Your consumer activist work has also inspired hundreds of young activists to investiga ... tem makes it impossible for you to influence politics through winning elections ("An Open Letter to Ralph Nader" 1). I am sorry to say that you have no chance to win a major election, and in an increa ...

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Political Debates 1999

ty are Albert "Al" Gore, Jr. and Joseph I. "Joe" Lieberman. The candidates from the green party are Ralph Nader and Winona LaDuke. These candidates are the most likely candidates for the presidency an ... s not a charismatic campaigner -- but he did perform very well in the lone Vice Presidential debate.Ralph Nader is from Connecticut and is the Green Party Presidential Nominee.Nader was the Green Part ...

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The Majority Of Texas Voters Are Republicans

can (and then Governor) George Bush received 59.29% of the vote. And although Third Party candidate Ralph Nader did not even come close to winning the election, I was still surprised to see that he re ...

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Green Party

hrough a grassroots democratic movement. The Green Party's candidates for the election of 2000 were Ralph Nader for President and Winona LaDuke for Vice President. The association of State Green Parti ... o establish a new national party. It will be called the Green Party of the U.S. Because of how well Ralph Nader did in the 2000 elections and because of how many Greens currently hold office; the Gree ...

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I have respect for what Ralph Nadar is trying to

I have respect for what Ralph Nadar is trying to do for our country. Ralph is stirring up the political world with his Green ... o do for our country. Ralph is stirring up the political world with his Green Party backing him up. Ralph has been the leading candidate for presidential elections for sometime now. He has been slowly ... positions such as television stations and incorporated with very wealthy corporations its hard for Ralph to become more well known. But what he has done so far is extraordinary for the resources he h ...

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The Median Voter

by Debra Hozlhoer stated that he husband on election didn't vote for the two major parties but for Ralph Nader not because he liked him but as a strategy to take votes away from the republican candid ...

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Presidential Election of 1992

Arkansas), and a Texas independent candidate Ross Perot. The election of 1992 also was the entry of Ralph Nader, an American Attorney, into presidential politics as a candidate though he did not forma ...

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Globalization and Culture

are system, which helped to redistribute funds to the working class, is dismantled in the process.) Ralph Nader refers to this as "a slow motion coup d'état," with the historic gains to represe ... Alan. (1999). "The American Century: Is it Going or Coming?" Wall Street Journal (21) Dec.:.Nader, Ralph. (1999). "Introduction." In The WTO: Five Years of Reasons to Resist Corporate Globalization, ...

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