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THE RAMONESJOHNNY RAMONEJOEY RAMONEDEE DEE RAMONETOMMY RAMONEMARKY RAMONERICHEY RAMONECJ RAMONEThe Ramon ... seventies when disco was big, and cheap mechanical dance rhythms were thing happening in music, the Ramones were born. Original Band Members, Johnny, Joey, Dee Dee, and Tommy could explode onto the st ... s in the air and blast through a set of twenty songs so fast it'll make your heads spin. The Ramones come from Forest Hills, New York. They started to play as a trio in March 1974. Ritchie was ...

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A 5 and a half page essay about the 70s punk band the Ramones

The Ramones started a music revolution. They were the first true punk band. They could not play nor coul ... , Johnny, Dee Dee, and Tommy were just four boys from Queens, New York looking for a good time. The Ramones were one of the first and most influential punk bands of the 1970's.Joey Ramone, born Jeff H ... tion with hallucinogenic drugs landed him in the psych-ward, planting the seeds for numerous future Ramones songs.3Johnny Ramone, born John Cummings on October 8, 1951, was the only son of a construct ...

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The Ramones-Research Paper.

One of America's first punk bands were The Ramones. Their first four albums set the blueprint for American punk rock. The Ramones had a huge im ... . The Ramones had a huge impact on American society during the 1970s.There are many reasons why The Ramones are so significant. Most of these reasons were that The Ramones were the first band to use a ... making new ones and taking a stand for what they believed in." (Nagel 14) The guys that started The Ramones perfectly fit this description. They were the "punks" of their time. The band was made up of ...

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s a big conterversy as to who started this so called punk music. Some say it was OZZY. Some say the RAMONES, others say that it is CRASS.Ozzy did not start punk. Frist of all, he is not punk and never ... ving birth. He is nothing but a complainer and I for one am sick of that basterd.Second of all, The Ramones did not start punk. They are pop-punk not reall punk. Just because their beats were a little ...

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