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Nocturnal Wonderland This is a descriptive essay about going to a rave and finding out what it's like. A personal story.It uses show don't tell.

Nocturnal WonderlandOn Saturday, September 2nd,2000, I attended a rave, "Nocturnal Wonderland," at the Indio polo fields. This event was the last massive rave of summ ... r night. When exiting the freeway all I can see for miles is a line of cars full of happy, go-lucky ravers, ready for their last summer bash. It's like a church congregation, coming together to celebr ... or their last summer bash. It's like a church congregation, coming together to celebrate life. At a rave there are always the familiar vibrations of the music, the sweet aromas that fill the summer ai ...

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Can Target Surpass Walmart?

ould appear to have everything: zippy ads, fast-growing sales and exclusive merchandise that people rave about. But inside the headquarters tower here, where Target's decisions are made, no one is abo ... rdable prices,'' said Sarah Ettenberg, a decorative-arts expert in Manhattan who shops for Michael Graves and Philippe Starck housewares but also pairs Target blouses with more expensive slacks she bu ...

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A spech on the harmful effects of ecstasy. It includes every part of the speech and it is in outline form. This speech convinces the audience to not take this drug.

High-risk groupA. Ecstasy is used most often by young adults and teens at clubs, rock concerts, and raves, which are large, all-night dance parties. It is especially popular on the rave party scene.B. ...

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This essay is about Rave Culture and the major Catagories/types of individuals that fit into the complex puzzles of "ravers"

teenage fashion, from formal to histrionic, I am going to talk about one extreme, "fashion" of the "rave culture," (the lifestyle of youth that attend "raves"). There are five major classes of youth, ... ey make, how nice their car or house is, or their social status, but simply by what they wear to a "rave."The first group has been labeled as "Candy Ravers." The classic representation of a person in ...

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Rave is more than just a subculture as defined by the Birmingam Centre for contemporary cultural studies.

This essay aims to look at how rave culture is more than just a youth subculture as defined by the Birmingham Centre for Contempora ... will start by looking at the C.C.C.S.'s definition of a youth subculture and will go on to examine rave culture in relation to these theories. Finally, it will hopefully show how rave culture is more ... e culture is more than just a reaction to society at that time. It will look at the spirituality of rave culture, the impact that it has had on many people's lives and the DJ as an urban shaman.Hall e ...

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Notes on War of the Worlds by Wells..

op of the cylinder comes off and kills many men and reveals life from Mars. The newspapers being to rave about the life and people get exited.QUOTE: "The first star falls on Horsel."Chap 3On Horsel Co ...

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ds." But if you did, you'd be misled for "they" are not you're average young people, no, "they" are ravers.Before we go any further, I think I should first dispel some rumors and ease your mind of the ... the negative thoughts that must be sweeping through it. What do you think of when you hear the word rave? Drugs? Hoodlum kids running amuck? Loud music that interferes with the whole community's sleep ...

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Getting Into Shape

Getting into shape is all the rave in the new millennium. Every time you open a newspaper, magazine, or turn on the TV you are bou ...

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Are botellon and rave partyes the same?

ll clarify why I have chosen this subject.I thought it would be interesting to learn more about the rave parties and find out if it the same custom we have in pain but with another name, also because ... to have alcoholic drinks and talk before entering nightclubs, pubs or discos.In difference of this, Rave Parties are dance parties that feature fast-paced, with repetitive electronic music accompanied ...

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So you're probably wondering why I decided to do my speech on the rave culture. The kind that is usually looked down on as a low form......get this! Imagine a night o ... tranger, doing drugs and maybe getting caught up by the police. Sounds like a dream right? For many ravers this dream becomes a reality. That is just a simple description of the a normal ravers life i ... g on the young adult population, but was quickly spread to the teenage population. One of the first raves was held back on June 15th, 1991, at a warehouse off the shores of New York. The rave was call ...

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Marked Theory

ype with little glamour. The second as more the mother type. And the third as the type all the guys rave over. The appearances of these women, due to the aforementioned character identities, have pres ...

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Night Life

are that it exists that involves dancing, peace, love, unity, and respect. It is known as raving or rave parities.The first time that I went to one of these parities, which was called starscape, I did ...

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The rave was pomping. The cute girl I had been dance with all morning offered me a pill. Her name is Lin ... y mind. It was David. David told me to meet at the lobby at nine o¡¦clock to go to the rave. I was nervous because David was brining three pretty girls. I started going through the closet ... Lina, however Lina was not quite interested. Instead Nicole likes me. As our five stepped into the rave, the securities were frisking Lina, I saw a weird smile on her face, however the techno and tra ...

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Tale Of Two Cities

king like it was all he knew. "Because he has lived so long, locked up, that he would be frightened-rave-tear himself to pieces-die-come to I know not what harm-if his door was left open"(Dickens 32). ...

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Ecstasy Trend

hburn). The effect of feeling "good", lack of knowledge of ecstasy, and the new popularity of raves are all causing an increase in ecstasy use. Ecstasy users say that the illegal drug mak ... g places where ecstasy is used. Ecstasy is widely used at underground parties, also known as raves. Raves used to be a place where kids who didn't fit in could go and interact with other people ...

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a whole to produce a theme of how such a beautiful person can still be lonely. First of all, Rave's character that develops throughout the story brings out so much meaning. The time at the beac ... he story brings out so much meaning. The time at the beach beautifully portrays a deeper meaning of Rave to herself. She existed as such a beautiful person on the outside, but experienced a true happi ...

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Ecstasy: The True Side Of A False Drug

in the United Kingdom showed that 9% of surveyors had used ecstasy. After surveying members of the rave scene, the numbers rose to 91%" (Weir 5). A statistic like that gives plenty of reason for the ... y 2000, […], inquest into the death of a 21-year-old Ontario resident who had collapsed at a rave. Several other rave-related deaths in Ontario, Nova Scotia, in the fall of 1999 raised the poss ...

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