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An Experiment to investigate the lateral displacement of a ray of light through a rectangular block of a transparent material.

PLANNING: -Title: - An Experiment to investigate the lateral displacement of a ray of light through a rectangular block of a transparent material.Aim: - To investigate the lateral ... displacement for different angles and how the displacement depends on the angle of incidence when a ray of light enters the Perspex block.Scientific Background: -Refraction occurs when the speed chang ... s information: -Sin 15 = 0.26 = 1.5oSin 10 0.17The formula sin i can also be written as V1Sin r V2A ray of light is bent towards the normal when it enters a glass block and away when it leaves the gla ...

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Refraction of Light in Perspex Prisms

ip between the angle of incidence and the angle of refraction?The angle of incidence (formed by the ray of light travelling though air into a slab of rectangular perspex) is not directly proportional ... tangular perspex) is not directly proportional to the angle of refraction (angle formed between the ray travelling though perspex and the normal). The graph of the plotted angles of incidence against ...

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To observe image formation by thin lenses and to compare results with those given by the simple lens equation.

e focal point of a converging lens is defined as that point where a beam of incoming parallel light rays will be brought to a focus. For a diverging lens, a beam of parallel light rays will be spread ... will appear to diverge from a focal point located in front of the lens. Since lenses can bend light rays as stated above, it is therefore possible to form images using lenses. The location and nature ...

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Communication-Refraction in relation to the human eye

t of the eye.Cornea- The front part of the eyeball. It is transparent, relativelythick. Bends light rays as they pass through it.Sclera- Continuous with the cornea but not transparent. Formstough whit ... ies on the inside of sclera, think black pigmented layercontaining blood vessels. Pigment absorbs stray light preventing falseimages.Retina- Innermost layer of eye. Lines back of eyeball, containsligh ...

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Introduction to reflection and refraction

dealswith simpler matters, namely reflection and refraction at a plane surface, except for abrief foray into the geometry of the rainbow. The rainbow, of course, involves refractionby a spherical drop ... or the lawS of reflection, and will give youonly half marks if you neglect to add that the incident ray, the reflected ray and thenormal are coplanar.iii. A plane mirror forms a virtual image of a rea ...

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Sovereign Rights

boundary at an angle however, the direction of travel does occur. This is called refraction. -wave rays are used to describe refraction. -Normal is aline drawn at right angles to a boundary at the po ... efraction. -Normal is aline drawn at right angles to a boundary at the point where an incident wave ray strikes the boundary. -The angle formed by a reflected wave ray and the normal is called the ang ...

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Reflection and Refraction Experiment

angle.Without moving the lens, we rotated the platform in both directions and observed the incident ray, the faint ray that was reflected from the flat surface, and the more intense refracted ray that ... e, and the more intense refracted ray that exited the curved surface. We noticed now that all three rays fell along a measured angle from the normal line.On a separate sheet of paper, we created Table ...

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