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Continuous Stirred Tank Reactors (CSTR).

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Chemical Reactions

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Monitoring Rates -HCl and Mg

nimal activation energy) and react with, as they are being used up, with perhaps Mg as the limiting reagent.Variables:INDEPENDENT - is changed.For this particular investigation, we were only aiming to ... before, the concentration of reactants will affect the results (e.g. unless the HCl was a limiting reagent, increasing the length of the Mg ribbon would most likely increase the volume of hydrogen ga ...

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Rate Of Reaction Investigation

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Collision Rate investigation

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Melting point lab

ools down, into its crystal form.We will also identify an unknown compound by mixture melting point.Reagent Table:Molecular weight g/molMp o CBP o CDensitySolubilityAcetanilide135.1652114.33041.219Les ...

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this case colored compounds are used so that it is possible to observe the separation as it occurs.Reagent table:M.W(g)Molecular formBixin394.5096C25H30O4Methylbixin408.236C26H32O4Norbixin380.216C24H ...

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Spearmint lab

ainly (-)-carvone, with a smaller amount of limonene and the isomeric terpenes, - and -phellandrene.Reagent Table:M.WM.PB.PDensityCarvone150.289220.958Limonene136.295.2177.842Hexane86.1795.368.7.659Ac ...

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Ibuprofen Resolution

ed to either one of the pure enantiomers. Different melting points and solubility's are very common.Reagent Table:M.WM.PB.P DensitySolubilityIbuprofen206.376immiscible2-Propanol60.10-8682.3.785miscibl ...

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es a year.Free PSA (cost activity / object) is available on equipment that we currently use under a reagent rental agreement (we pay only for reagents, as the cost of the equipment is rolled into the ... al agreement (we pay only for reagents, as the cost of the equipment is rolled into the cost of the reagents). The vendor has quoted a price of $8.00 per test (not $8.00 per billable test) for free PS ...

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Characterization of Nucleic Acids

riment.2. MethodologyMaterials such as water bath, test tubes, evaporating dish, test compounds and reagents were gathered and prepared.In Dische Test, ten (10) drops of test compound and Diphenylamin ... obtained. Once the mixture dried up, ten(10) drops of Potassium Hydroxide(KOH) was used to wet the reagent and then later on put to boiling water bath again to dry. After addition of KOH, color chang ...

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Title: Nucleophillic Substitution Reaction

als that undergoes SN1 or SN2 reaction. Nine different compounds were given to be examined with two reagents - NaI in acetone and AgNO3 in ethanol. The SN1 reaction happens in AgNO3 in ethanol reagent ... eophile.Bromocyclopentane reacts under SN1 and SN2, but it shows a faster reaction in AgNO3/ethanol reagent, that is SN1. This is because bromocyclopentane is secondary bromine, and have bigger steric ...

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Preparation and Distillation of Cyclohexane

ronment is essentially absent. Principle five advocates the use of catalysts and not stoichiometric reagents. Since catalysts are used in small amounts and recycled they are much more efficient to use ... are used in small amounts and recycled they are much more efficient to use rather than an excess of reagent that only works on one reaction.In this project, phosphoric acid (H3PO4) is used as a cataly ...

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Titration Lab Discussion

neutralization titrations depend on a chemical reaction between the unknown solution and a standard reagent. The point of chemical equivalence is indicated by a chemical indicator or an instrumental m ...

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Chemistry Study Notes - Equilibrium

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