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Mind and Machine, an essay on A.I

ains and Science, arguments centering around the mind-body problem alone issufficient to convince a reasonable person that there is no way science will ever unravel the mysteries of consciousness.Key ...

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Drug legalization.

emy?" Second, what defines "victory" in this "war?"Is the "enemy" in this "war" the drug addict? No reasonable person believes that. Addicts are in many ways the victims of a "war" policy that drives ...

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The use of foil characters in "The Dead"

s not see the world with passion as does Michael. Due to his extensive schooling, Gabriel is a very reasonable person. Before he goes outside, he is seen "struggling into his overcoat," (pg. 217) and ...

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Brutus Was The Tragic Hero of Julius Caesar

fies to all of the requisites to be a hero? After careful examination or all of the characters, any reasonable person should realize, that, of course, this hero was none other than Caesar's best frien ...

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Title: Defamation (966 words)

e taken as referring to the plaintiff even if the plaintiff isn't named, so long as an ordinary and reasonable person would assume that the matter is referring to the plaintiff. The defendant can stil ...

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Legal cases: possible claim against Australian manufacturers of the Waist Waster and Myways supermarkets for negligence and breach of contract

ove that a duty of care is owed base on cases such as Gonoghue v Stevenson [1932] AC 562.1. Reasonable ForeseeabilityA reasonable person in the position of Australian manufacturers of the Wais ... person who is so closely and directly affect by the act of another person. An individual must take reasonable care to avoid acts or omissions which can be reasonably foreseen to injure their neighbou ...

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Chapter 11 in Law 12 textbook

igence, and why is it the most common form of tort law?Negligence is a person's failure to exercise reasonable care, which results in injury to another.It is the most common form of tort law because t ... ence action.The key elements that must be proven are duty of care, standard of care, forseeability, reasonable person, causation, actual loss and burden of proof.3. Why was the Donoghue v. Ste ...

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acher's role in the classroom is to take place of the parents whilst in school. They also must take reasonable action to decrease the likelihood of injury to students. (Queensland teachers union, teac ... eTwo points in order to establish a duty of care        Should a teacher as a reasonable person foresee the incident?        Did he/she take sufficient precautio ...

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The Effects of Music on the Mind.

a teenager or older but also as you are a child. Listening to music as a small child could create a reasonable person or it can create a monster.Statement of the problemThe problem that this experimen ...

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Critque "a Reasonable Man"

The Reasonable Man on Tour Critique Kris Lefebvre This article focuses on the thought process an ... ique Kris Lefebvre This article focuses on the thought process and behavioral patterns of a reasonable man. It directs the attention towards the question "would a reasonable man", and th ... s. In a sense though, I thought it contained a little sarcasm and black humor, but not enough for a reasonable person to pick up on it. I think this article questions the fact that there are few stand ...

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Australian Law and Business - case study

ns between both parties. For identifying the intention, we need to look into the inferences would a reasonable person would draw from the conduct of the parties. If a reasonable person would assume th ... there was no prior voluntary agreement made between both parties. Besides, it was understood for a reasonable person that we would pay the taxi fare to the driver for a ride to our requested destinat ...

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Literary Analysis of Martin Luther King Jr's Letter to Birmingham Jail

of diction gives him credibility as he establishes connections with the audience and comes off as a reasonable person.Martin Luther King Jr. also appeals to the readers' pathos throughout his letter a ...

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Case study

es [1871], the court emphasized that the important thing is not a party's real intentions but how a reasonable person would view the situation. This is due mainly to common sense as each party would n ... e that there is an intention to be bound. But of course this would be my personal presumptions as a reasonable person.Wrapping up, in my opinion, this proposal from A is suggested to be an offer inste ...

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Case Study

In this final, there have been many elements of criminal procedures that have been covered. From reasonable suspicion and probable cause to jurisdiction and venue. This case study has covered all t ... e elements that we have learned in this class.In this case study, I believe that probable cause and reasonable suspicion exist. At the time that Officer Melbourne was behind the red Honda Civic, he ha ...

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Commercial Transactions

licit product / act is not a valid contract.The objective theory of contracts proposes that would a reasonable person in the position of the offeree (receiver of the offer) believe that a transaction ... hat the necessary four components for a valid contract were present, to be valid is also has to be "reasonable."Unilateral contract is a contract in which one party makes an obligation to perform with ...

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Ethical Issues in Management

eaton, 2005). Baker Hughes views harassment as a form of offensive treatment or behavior which to a reasonable person creates a hostile or abusive work environment (Wilhite, 2005).Manager's morals and ...

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Legal Issue Analysis

"it is improper conduct directed at someone, that the person finds offensive and harmful and that a reasonable person would view as unwelcome or offensive"(Compliance Group, 2009).In this case specifi ...

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Bolton v Stone. Tort-Negligence

uisance. Negligence is an act or conduct that falls below the standard level of due care taken by a reasonable person to prevent an individual from a foreseeable risk of harm. From wikipedia the free ... hat the incident was not just a rare occurrence but an extremely exceptional one, so much so that a reasonable person taking due care would be unlikely to take into account the probability of such an ...

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Common Law in Australia: The Tort Of Negligence

: Conduct that falls below the standard of care demanded for the protection of others against the unreasonable risk of harm.To establish a claim for Negligence the plaintiff must prove three essential ... oss or damage suffered would have been foreseen as a possible result of the breach of the duty by a reasonable person placed in the position of the defendant at the time when he or she breached the du ...

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Analysis of The Types of Law in a Case Study

usiness'. S.14 (2A) states that 'goods are of satisfactory quality if they meet the standard that a reasonable person would regard as satisfactory, the price (if relevant) and all other relevant circu ... e experience and knowledge of cars than Mr. Boom as he works for a car dealership. It would also be reasonable to assume that the salesperson's 'special knowledge' of cars would be relied upon by Mr. ...

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