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How and Why Did American Popular Culture Influence Australian Society in the 1950s and 1960s? To What Extent Did Australia Develop its Own Response to these Influences?

lian films. Films were of great influence to the youth of the 1960s, films such as The Wild One and Rebel Without A Cause showed a new type of teenager, one who was not only different, but was rebelli ... es these groups became increasingly violent. These groups were in response to such American hits as Rebel Without A Cause and The Wild One.The way that media targeted teenagers and advertising gave th ...

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Comparison between "Catcher in the Rye" and "Rebel without a cause"

When one both reads Catcher in the Rye and sees Rebel Without a Cause, he or she can't help but wonder if the writers, Nicholas Ray and J.D. Salinge ... nother, they would immediately become friends. The main theme that applies to both works is teenage rebellion. Holden and Jim seem to get into trouble often, which affects many different aspects of th ... m and they fall in love. Both the Jim and Holden feel like outcasts, which is a major part of their rebellion. However, where Jim tries to fit in and is rejected by his peers, Holden does not make suc ...

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Society and community Topic: personal and social identity

The 1955 classic film, Rebel Without A Cause, was one of the first movie's to tackle the delicate issues of adolescence. Te ... e the delicate issues of adolescence. Teenagers in this film are portrayed as being disobedient and rebellious towards their parents. One of the main characters in this film, Jim Stark, is rebelling a ... on of turning out like his father. At the same time Jim is also trying to fit in with his peers. He rebels, going out drinking and getting into fights whilst experiencing a lot of confusion and feelin ...

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The Correlation of Rebel Without a Cause (the movie witth James Dean) and the Adolescent Brain

Rebel without a cause is a film that views the lives of some rebellious, impatient, and misunderstoo ... ith the right crowd, and, of course, peer pressures. These dilemmas were all portrayed in the film, Rebel without a Cause in a true and meaningful manner.We don't completely understand how and why the ... from and experience.Teenagers are still misunderstood even in today's generation, and many will be rebellious and impatient throughout their formative years. We, as adults, can look back and see how ...

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A Race to Death

From the era of James Dean, illegal street racing was the popular thing to do among the rebels of the time. Movies like "Rebel Without a Cause" and "Grease" inspired many to bring out thei ... d illegal street racer when they are getting ready to push that pedal to the floor? These cars with rebels behind the wheels are driving faster and more recklessly than James Dean could ever have imag ...

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Youth Revolution of 1950's: 'By the late 1950s, The Youth of the United States had been transformed' to what extend is this true?

lives of teenagers and they became a new and distinctive figure in society. They became the face of rebellion in the United States and started making their way through life with independent ideas leav ... push their boundaries. Boys and girls began to socialise more; another driving aspect that affected rebellious behaviours. Teens strived to impress their peers, in particular the opposite sex with the ...

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"Rebel Without A Cause" Movie Review

"Rebel Without a Cause" made quite a splash when it was released in 1955. Fat and happy in the postwa ... he idea of losing him, finally becomes the strong figure Jim needs.Some critics have commented that Rebel has become dated with the years, and that's partially true. It's steeped in 50s psychobabble a ...

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How has your understanding of your 2 texts been illuminated by exploring the links between them?

Through the exploration of the links between J. D. Salinger's novel "The Catcher in the Rye" and "Rebel Without a Cause" directed by Nicholas Ray my overall understanding of the two texts has been i ... g has grown as has my knowledge on new found lands.The similar/common themes include conformity and rebellion, the coming of age; a need to be in control and maintain/protect their self proclaimed ide ...

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Did the films "Rebel Without a Cause" and "The Day the Earth Stood Still" serve as good historical artifacts for the 1950s era? How so? What did you learn about that decade by watching these films?

storical films. For the movies that we saw from the 1950’s we learned that these were times of rebellion, hate and fear.The defiance of the era can be seen in the film Rebel without a Cause starr ...

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Sociology of Sport: Rock 'n' Roll

ty and conformity. The beginning of the 50's was still strict, but was starting to build up towards rebellion. For example the movie Rebel without a cause played in 1955; though it wasn't until the up ... layed in 1955; though it wasn't until the upstart of Rock 'n' Roll and Elvis Presley, that the real rebellion began showing itself.The culture of this age had an obsession or had a phase of popularity ...

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Rebel Without A Cause

Rebel Without a Cause "How can a guy grow up in a place like that?" In his masterpiece "Rebe ... "Rebel without a cause", director Nicholas Ray powerfully portrays the rising phenomenon of teenage rebellion during the 1950s. The film deals with issues typical to any teenager, the search for the i ... elinquency, the film instead explores what triggers defiance in the teenager, i.e. the cause of the rebel. The film begins with Jim Stark, drunk, crawling on the sidewalk curb, putting a toy monkey as ...

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Memories of the 1950’s

es Dean?s death. In his teen years Elvis worked as an usher and could recite almost every line from Rebel Without a Cause. Elvis idolized James Dean a lot, but who didn?t? The girls loved him and all ... 50?s with films like East of Eden, but his fame came with movies like Giant and his greatest debut, Rebel Without a Cause. He was a rising star until his life came to a tragic end at age twenty-four i ...

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The Rebel Hollywood Cinema

Thesis Statement It is my thesis statement that the male rebel in Hollywood cinema will perform well as an individual and in society as long as in the end he ... y as long as in the end he conforms to particular social and cultural norms. To elaborate, the male rebel is allowed to be rebellious in certain aspects of his character as long as at the end of the f ... haracteristic. To illustrate this thesis statement I would like to draw on two movies. The first is Rebel Without a Cause (1955), directed by Nicholas Ray and starring James Dean, Natalie Wood and Sal ...

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Media Studies - White Oleander

Isolates, outsiders and or rebels are characters that the audience can identify with. Two films which (that reflect the rites o ... Two films which (that reflect the rites of passage genre) have characters that possess isolate and rebel personalities. In ?white oleander? we have Astrid who is both a rebel and isolate and in ?Rebe ... ave Astrid who is both a rebel and isolate and in ?Rebel without a cause? Jimmy is both isolate and rebel also. Both characters the audience can identify with.In ?white oleander? Astrid experiences a ...

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American and British influence on the Australian Pop culture in 1950s

ey and Elvis Presley became extremely popular. This was the generation of the teenagers and teenage rebellion. An Australian performer, Johnny O'keefe became Australia's "Elvis". American culture was ... o spend on fashion, movies, music and other form of American entertainment. Movies based on teenage rebellion such as the wild one and rebel without a cause was very popular. On the other hand, parent ...

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Genre Analysis/Social Genre: Rebel Without a Cause

The 1955 social dramaRebel Without a Cause” is a powerful archetype of both its genre and the period of social uphea ... e threadbare fabric of urban conformity. Once again, that tattered shroud is shredded by Jim’s rebellion against his parents’ warped charade prevailing middle-American values. Director Nicho ... again,” he says.As art imitates life, the story paralleled part of a new wave of films, which rebelled against the nostalgic pre-war idealism. Since the arrival of television, the average age of ...

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