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Steroid and non-steroid hormones differ in how they affect target cells. Describe the mechanisms involved using specific examples of each. How is it that hormones affect some cells and not others?

pid soluble and can diffuse directly through the the plasma membrane of a cell to bind with special receptors in the nucleus. Once the steroid hormones and receptors are bound together, the hormone re ... s, but the response is specific. Cells can only interact with only the hormones for which they have receptors. Likewise, cAMP activated metabolic enzymes differ in structure and function in different ...

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The effects of smoking marijuana, the good and the bad.

ctly and directly.Marijuana may directly affect the immune system, since one of the bodies to known receptors for cannibinoids is located in immune cells. But the nature of the effect is unclear. A re ...

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The effects of marijuana on the Human brain.

contains over 400 chemicals and when the plant is smoked or vaporized the heat produces many more. Receptors in the nerve cells of the brain receive these chemicals and the chemicals cause the nerve ... he chemical in marijuana that has the biggest impact on the brain is THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).THC receptors are abundant in the brain but they are concentrated in certain areas. One region of the br ...

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Sensation and perception.

rs is useless to combine more colours.According to the Trichomatic theory, there are three kinds of receptors, short receptors, medium receptors and long receptors, on our retina which are stimulated ... n and blue respectively. The quality of the colour is coded by the pattern of activity of the three receptors rather than by specific receptors for each colour. So the receptors would function in the ...

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Audio Waveforms.

area of high pressure to move though the air. When these pressure waves reach us, they vibrate the receptors in our ears, and we hear the vibrations as sound. When you see a waveform that represents ...

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Myasthenia gravis a nuerological digestive disease.

ries.Myasthenia Gravis is caused by a defect of neuromuscular transmissions that affects muscle receptors. This defect results in the constant attack of the muscle receptors by antibodies. The a ... ntibodies never usually assault their own body parts but something causes them to attack the muscle receptors. It has not been determined yet why and for what reason the antibodies do this strange th ...

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Biology essay on feedback mechanisms

his tends to keep the internal environment at a constant, thus maintaining homeostasis. Sensors and receptors are what bring about a reaction to ensure conditions within the body remain favourable. Ex ... in the body remain favourable. Examples of negative feedback are as follows.Blood glucose levelsThe receptors of the pancreas are responsible for monitoring the blood glucose levels. The alpha-cells o ...

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What makes you happy.

cle. Endorphins are polypeptides that are produced in the brain. They are able to bind to the neuro-receptors in the brain to give relief from pain. Endorphins can be accredited with the affect that e ...

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Homeostasis in the Human Body

y organs and systems of the body. This exercise will also show the location of some of the stimulus receptors in the body.My hypothesis for this exercise is that by manipulating stimulus, we will be a ... pins were placed 10mm apart, I could feel two points in all three areas. This exercise proved that receptors are grouped more closely together on my finger tip than my palm of forearm. When I immerse ...

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Auxin - Plant Hormone

by a particular cell at one end and release at the other end onto another cell. It binds specific receptors on specific cells to cause the plant to perform the abilities listed above. An example of ...

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Nervous System

eripheral nerves.The peripheral nervous system consists of sensory neurons running from stimulus receptors that inform the Central Nervous System of the stimuli. It also consists of motor neurons ...

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Informative Paper on Neurons

n types of neurons: sensory, interneuron, and motor neurons.The sensory neurons run to the stimulus receptors where one can smell, see, hear, feel, and taste. The "message" is taken to the central ner ...

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Review of Polar Express with tom hanks

motion-capture CGI technology--live actors and cameras and reflective pellets and infrared capture receptors--Zemeckis has made a movie during which, every five minutes, the adults in the audience ca ...

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Human body Sensory systems

d because they had been adapting to the sugar water and they got interrupted with regular tap water.Receptors sensed the taste of something in my mouth. My brain told me that it was a familiar taste a ... nd.SummaryIn all of these experiments we tested several sensory systems. We have tested the vision, receptors, gustation, and touch in these experiments. We have learned that sugar water will make reg ...

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Effects of drugs on the brain

drugs cause neurons to fire again and again. Other dugs stop neurons from firing. These drugs block receptors in the brain and prevent neurons from sending their message.There are hundreds of differen ... e release of the neurotransmitter, substance P, thereby dulling the pain messages. Also attaches to receptors in pleasure centers and breathing center of the brain.Heroin is one of the most dangerous, ...

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Parathormone Report (What it is, the role in the body, disorders linked to it)

hile high blood calcium does the opposite. Low blood calcium concentrations are detected by calcium receptors in the membranes of the parathyroid glands. These receptors are of the G protein receptor ... eoblasts to break down bone, a change from their regular bone formation processes. PTH binds to its receptors and activates protein kinases A (PKA) and C (PKC). PKA then regulates other processes whic ...

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Report on the physiological effects of alcohol.

alcohol and that blood travels to the brain and spinal cord.Ethyl alcohol seems to bind to neurons' receptors for gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). GABA is an inhibitory neurotransmitter that causes the ...

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Brain&Nervous System

sages go to nerve fibers where they turn to electric signals and hit the next neuron via synapses'. Receptors receive these messages, which are sent to the brain, interpreted then sent to effectors to ... s, which are sent to the brain, interpreted then sent to effectors to make a judgement based on the receptors findings. SNS (Somatic Nervous System) is the term used to describe the part of our ...

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Analysis of Cutaneous Sensation and Reflexes by examining Receptive Responses.

up to bright sunlight, or hearing a sharp, painful noise. All of these examples deal with multiple receptors of the body receiving input in receptive fields. A receptive field is an area where a rece ... stop responding to a prolonged stimulus (Meyer et al. 2001).Looking at the skin specifically, many receptors join to regulate the homeostasis of the body. Receptors for different degrees of pressure ...

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Adaptation and Sensory Perception

I will also explain how the sensory system was involved in my experiment. This will begin with the receptors and continue through to the brain.The sensory system brings information regarding our envi ... which may change our behavior accordingly. This is called Transduction which is the process of the receptors changed the information they receive into a form which the nervous system can utilize.Sens ...

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