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2, 2014 UNIT SCHEDULE internal students General notes: x This schedule is liable to change in light of unforeseen circumstances. You will be notified of any changes via iLearn. x Lectures are delivere ... advised to attend. TOPIC 1: THE FREE SPEECH PRINCIPLE Principles guide policy makers in the design of rules. This lecture asks what principles should govern media law. Should everything be premised o ...

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Written assignment 3: Casual AnalysisGroup 1The Increasing Number of Separated FairsWhen I was a child I remember that many children in my age thought that it was a w ... at many children in my age thought that it was a weird thing that my parents where divorced instead of married. When we got older I noticed that almost every other class mate became a child of divorce ... very rare that my friends' parents live together. That makes me wonder, why is it that the numbers of separated fairs have increased today?Love is known as the most complicated topic and will most ce ...

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