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Critical Book Review of "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee" by Dorris Alexander "Dee" Brown

More than a century after the American Indian civilization and culture was systematically conquered and destroyed, Dee Brown published his historical commentary on the plight of these people. Focu ... ir way of life. The book culminates with the battle of Wounded Knee and a photograph and quote from Red Cloud, "They made us many promises, more than I can remember, but they never kept but one; they ...

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Red Cloud's Revenge

Red Cloud's Revenge is a historical novel about the grim recollection of detailed events and days/mo ... ans and bring some scalps home. Many soldiers' guard was down when Fetterman's entire force disappeared over Trail Lodge Ridge. None of them were ever seen alive again. Seven months after the tragic b ... s. Soon both forts under siege as well as camps nestled along the route from the advancing Indians. Red Cloud and Crazy Horse were determined their warriors to crush the white settlers to returning th ...

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Tashunkewitko Tashunkewitko, better known as Crazy horse, was truly one

was the leader of one of the branches of the Sioux. He had a very good relationship with the leader Red Cloud. Being a leader of such a fierce tribe Crazy Horse had to be a great fighter and won many ... d well known battles of the Sioux and Cheyenne. The cause of the battle is the intrusions on the sacred lands of the black hills by white settlers. The battle occurred along the river of Little Big ho ...

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The History of Sitting Bull

that didn't work they resorted to combat. The Indians lost many battles mostly due to being outnumbered by the white settlers. Indians also contracted many diseases from the white settlers that the In ... ever, was not as productive as it was with other Indian tribes. Many times Sitting Bull was outnumbered and did not have the firepower that the white settlers used.Sitting Bull's three personalities c ...

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negotiate a treaty. However during the negotiating, Colonel Henry Carringtonarrived with seven hundred men ready to construct three new forts along the Bozeman Trail.This action angered the Lakota ch ... w the soldiers led by CaptainFettermen over Lodge Trail Ridge and into a trap that had been laid by Red Cloud. All ofFettermen's command fell to the onslaught. The Lakota's referred to it as "The Batt ...

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