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The Early History of Moscow

the two most recognizable are the Kremlin and Saint Basil’s Cathedral that are located in the red square. Commissioned by Ivan the IV, Saint Basil’s Cathedral has been preserved and is best ... naires - thirty three to be exact - just beating New York City by two (Wikipedia). Moscow is considered one of the world’s most thriving cities, but how was this city able to rise to power?Moscow ...

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What to Do With My Life?

wander endlessly on through the world.I could visit China to see the Great Wall, Russia to see the Red Square, and Australia to SCUBA dive in the Great Coral Reef. I would go from there to South Afri ... a perfectionist to an extent. For instance, when I am drawing a picture I erase until I get the desired effect. I am taking AP American History now and will take three more AP classes next year. I hav ...

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Create an artifact that would help a campus wide problem: water runoff pollution

magine yourself walking through campus on a clear sunny day, passing through the slippery bricks of red square, up the stairs, and walking down the middle of the quad surrounded by the light pink cher ... er is simple, and to the point. The all black font color contrasts against the pale blue sky behind red square and the grey tint of the pictures of garbage on campus. Although the design is simple I u ...

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