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Family Against Family - Fort Mims, 1813

ieve we should raise livestock or grow crops like whites. Because of their beliefs they were called Red Sticks. Some Red sticks attacked Mr. Cornells' and Mr. McGee's plantations that summer. I remind ... minded them that these men lived north of the Little River, along the Federal Road. Apparently, the Red Sticks felt this would make us act like they wanted. But is only made people angry that homes ha ...

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President Jackson's Racism

n into battle and destroyed several Indian villages, leaving the Seminoles to die. Jackson then ignored the rights of the Cherokees and went against the Supreme Court's decision to recognize the Chero ... kson's racist views stemmed from his experience in battle. On March 27th, 1814 Jackson defeated the Red Stick faction of the Creek Nation at the Battle of Horseshoe Bend in the first Seminole war. The ...

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